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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Got Him!!!

First thing to check out this morning is the mouse traps.  Yahoo!!!  We got the little varmint.  He must of got greedy and forgot to lick the traps carefully.  Well that makes me happy because mice can make such a mess of everything and they leave poop everywhere.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

A Smart Mouse

Saturday started out really nice.  I don't usually get up early enough to see a sunrise, but this morning I sort of  opened my eyes about 6:30 and this is what I saw out my bedroom window.  I reached over and grabbed the phone and took a picture and promptly went back to sleep.

When I finally arose for good I checked all of the mouse traps that I had set the night before and to my surprise everyone of them were licked clean and none of them were sprung.  Remember I had set 6 traps last night so the odds were against the mouse.  But just like in Vegas, sometimes you win, and this time the mouse won.  I will have to re-think my attack.

Friday, 24 March 2017

There's a Mouse in the House

One of the things that sometimes happens when it rains is that a poor wee mouse is driven from the outdoors into the warm dry environment of our house.  Well thats what has happened to us except that we don't believe this guy is wee by the huge sounds he makes.  He is like a bull in a china shop and knocks things over in the pantry and rips and tears at the chip bags with a vengeance.  We heard him  tonight over the sound of the TV so I found  6 mouse traps and set them with a tasty treat of peanut butter.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Rain Rain, go away. Come again another day.

It rained all night off and on and made for quite a soupy mess outside.  The red dirt seems to track in everywhere and makes for steady floor sweeping. One of the things we have to be aware of here, is that it can rain in the desert, and when it does the ground does not react like it does at home.  You can become stranded by either really slippery ground, or if there is enough rain it can wash down the gulches fast and furious and strand you on the other side for a while.   This rain was more of an inconvenience than a danger of any sort.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Checking out Fellow Bloggers

Not much happening around the Ponderosa today.  Everyone went their separate ways to get some chores done and Charlie and I went for a walk.  While on our walk we ran into a couple of fellow bloggers.  The first is a person we have followed for a short while on youtube.  Panda Monium lives in a very unique motorhome and does most of her blogging by video.  We saw the unit first in Quartzsite and then again in Williams.  Now she is here in Cottonwood and I hope to get to talk to her for a while about her travels.  She uses a drone in her videos a lot and I need to learn a few things from her about it.  Stay tuned and I will write more about our meeting if it happens.  In the meantime check out all her travels on YouTube videos at Panda Monium facebook page.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

I See the Light

Today started much like yesterday with everyone up to see the hot air balloon appear over the hill.  They load up down in the valley west of us and rise up slowly and float over top of us.  We are not in a position to see the balloon until it comes up over the hill, so it is like watching the sun rise.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Can you make Wine from Fuzzy Strawberries

Woke up this morning to a whishing sound and then silence, then a whishing sound and then silence.  Suddenly I remembered what it was from last year and jumped out of bed and went outside.  A hot air balloon.