Sunday, 5 April 2020

Don't poop in the Pool!!!

WHERE ARE WE? Winterhaven RV Resort, Brownsville Texas
NEXT DESTINATION? Migrating north soon

Today we observed a day of rest.  Not that we don't rest everyday but today we made it official.  We did go for a short walk around part of the park and found out that it is a pretty nice place.  They have built all of the lots with canals in the back yard.  Apparently they have them stocked with fish and you can catch and release if you want.  Kinda reminds you of what you would see in Venus.  They have RV's, park models, mobile homes and regular sticks and bricks houses here.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Fixit Day

WHERE ARE WE? Winterhaven RV Resort, Brownsville TX
NEXT DESTINATION? Northern Migration soon

Today was one of those kinda drizzly days.  The rain was really nice and warm and by the looks of the brown grass here, they could use it.  We didn't really get much rain, just a shower now and again.  When I was going through my camera i realized I forgot to post this picture yesterday.   As I was waiting for Sue at Walmart yesterday, I looked over the parking lot and my heart kinda gave a lurch!! What was I seeing??  There was Jim and Marilyn's camper van sitting there.  Well at least at first glance I thought it was and I wouldn't have put it past Jim to just quietly come down here to surprise us if this world confusion wasn't going on. I had to give my head a shake and realize it wasn't them at all.   It won't be long until we will see all our park camping friends again in Rivers campground.  We don't really know when that might be but I am confident it will happen this summer at some point.

Friday, 3 April 2020

No Lineups for Me!!

WHERE ARE WE?  Winter Haven RV Resort, Brownsville TX.
NEXT DESTINATION?  Migrating North soon

Once we got here and settled in I did a little research on what may have triggered (no pun intended) the searches we were subjected to yesterday.  We were in no way accused of anything nor was there any sort of verbal interrogation at any time.  Everyone just wanted to see in the nooks and crannies of our motorhome and they were very cautious in doing it.  There were lots of M16's around and everyone was super cautious.  After reading the Brownsville Harold, it seems that some cartel big wheel is on the loose and some marines have been kidnapped and there has been a jail break of some sort, and some grenade throwing at a navy base just south of the border.   Apparently this has brought on a bigger military presence and increased attention to searching vehicles in this part of Mexico.  Although these are all unsettling things, the chances of us being involved in any of it is about the same as us winning the lottery.  I figure one is pretty safe if you just mind your own business and go on your way and thats what we did and we are fine.

So this morning when I came out of the Ponderosa I noticed a cord hanging down by the bedroom slide.  Oh oh silly me.  I had forgotten about the temporary fix I did which involved one of the bays on the slide and when we put out the bedroom slide last night it stretched the extension cord until it broke!!  Woops!!  Lucky I didn't grab the broke end of the cord because it was still hot!!  And I did look at that slide for obstructions before putting it out but didn't clue into what would happen to the cord.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Back in the USA

WHERE ARE WE? Winter Haven Resort, Winter Haven Texas

I got a few pictures of the compound that we stayed in overnight.  There are a few of these around the country and for like 100 pesos you can stay there with a fence around you and security guards on duty all night long.  This is mainly for truckers but they will let anyone who wants to spot them a few pesos, park there.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Hasta Luego La Penita

WHERE ARE WE? Pemex Station Compound, Near Ville de Hidalgo, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? Winter Haven RV Park, Winter Haven, Texas

We got up and unhooked the umbilical cord, had a cinnamon bun and were ready to hit the road by 7:00 am.  It was forecast to be another beautiful day in paradise, so that would be good for travelling.  A few quick goodbyes to some folks that came to give their well wishes and we were off.  Looks like about 650 kms today which will leave us in good shape for crossing into Texas on Wednesday afternoon.