Sunday, 10 November 2019

Good Time with new Friends

Another warm day in Paradise.   We are reminded everyday that it will be cooler in a short while, but for now we are roasting.  I must admit it is more bearable as we climatize but the humidity gets us.  We played pool volleyball this morning with a lot of people who we have met in the park.  Its fun to play with not a lot of rules and lots of people on each side.  The object of the game is to laugh lots and that we did.  We worked up an appetite and decided to have breakfast at Cecies.  We are gonna have to cut back on the eating out, not because of the cost, but rather because of the fattening factor.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Rig wash day

Today was wash day for the Ponderosa.  There is a company (Car Wash Mobile) that does most of the rig washing in the park and we booked them a week or so ago for 8 am Mexico time.   So about 8:45 they showed up ready to go to work.  It is interesting to see how these businesses work because the van showed up and out got a guy and two girls and 3 kids and 2 dogs.  No need for day care or doggie kennels down here.  Just bring them along!!

Friday, 8 November 2019

Simple things in Life

Over the course of time we have been told a lot of stories of Mexico mainly by people who have never been here, or have been secluded in all inclusives, and only get out of the gate on an organized tour.  Now don't get me wrong, that is great, but you don't get to see some of the behind scenes.  Some of the stories are about how you can't buy anything in Mexico other than fruit and vegetables and trinkets.  Well I plan on writing a whole blog on all of the stuff that they have here in the local home building and hardware stores.  They have a lot of stuff.  Now saying that, there are some things that are really hard to get because the Mexican people just don't use them.  One of those things is coffee cream especially Half and Half.  The last time we saw Half and Half was in San Carlos early in our journey.   It was at Walmart.  Since then we have not been able to find it anywhere.  Sue has tried Sam's Club, Costco, Walmart, and we have tried a lot of the local stores to no avail.  Yesterday when I went over to our little onsite restaurant, Cecie was pouring Half and Half into someone's coffee.  She says she will find me some!!  Problem solved!!  You can always find someone who will get what you need down here, but it may have a slightly inflated cost!!  I'm good with that.  Now I can enjoy my coffee again.  Oh by the way they have the best coffee down here!!

Thursday, 7 November 2019

A Couple of Projects

Because we are some of the early arrivals here at the park, there are some things that need to be done to get ready for the crowds.  Jolynn and Brian who lead us down here, are very involved in the activities of the park so there are lots of things to do to help them out.  Steve and Julie are involved as well and Steve set up a beach clean up for this morning.  Our part of beach is sort of secluded from the rest by the rock that the park is situated on so park people are the only ones that use this beach.  There is lots of debris that washes up over the summer and a fair bit of drift wood so we cleaned that all up.  We had a dozen people show up which made the job go quickly.  Thanks everyone!!|

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Shopping Day for the Girls

Today the girls (Pat & Sue) decided to drive into Puerta Vallarta to do some shopping.  It is a little over and hour from here to the Costco there down some mountain roads.  It is only about 60 kilometers but is a slower road because if you get behind a slow truck or something, you are stuck there because there are not many places for a cautious Canadian to pass.  The Mexican use the 6 car length rule kinda like us except they use it to judge if it is safe to pass.  If there are 6 car lengths between them and the oncoming traffic then they go for it.   Also there is the rule of "out of sight out of mind" which means if you can't see around the curve ahead, go ahead and pass!!!  Scary to watch them.   Anyhow the girls hadn't been gone 10 minutes and Harold and I headed over to Cecies for breakfast.  Nice egg wraps with some fruit.  Harold had what they call a Canadian breakfast which is good old bacon and eggs.