Saturday, 20 January 2018

The Bisbee Breakfast Club

The wildlife area we spent the night in is renown for its Sandhill Cranes.  Part of the experience is seeing them all take to the air to go off to the corn fields to feed for the day.  So I peered out the bedroom window about 5:30 am and saw some cars starting to gather in the parking lot in the pitch black dark.  I went back to sleep until about 6:30 when it started to get noisy with the birds starting to leave.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Thousands of Sandhill Cranes

We were on the road by 9 am this morning because we have not yet become accustomed to the time change to Mountain.  Our bodies still thought it was 10 am so no one was complaining.  First thing we did this morning while leaving was to get lost.  Bad timing on some lights spread us out and when you are depending on following the leader (us) and we get the green lights and everyone behind us gets yellow, you are not ready to start to navigate yourself, so by the time you try to get your bearings, you have blown by the turn you were supposed to make and find yourself in foreign territory without a plan.  As it turned out everyone ended up in the right place in the end and off we went on today's adventure.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

We are back!!!!!

Its been over a week since we have posted a blog.  The main reason for not posting is that our internet service has been next to non-existent, so the downloading of pictures was not going to happen.  I tried a few times but after striking out, I closed the computer and went about my business.  Pat and Harold have arrived and have joined our convoy.  The Ponderosa, Roundtuit, and the Hitchhiker are quite a site going down the road. 

Now that I am back in the land of Wifi, I will start with today's post and try to update the rest of the days in between as best I can.  So here goes.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Back to the Beach

We decided that the weather was going to break for a little bit back at South Padre Island so we will head up there again to give P&H a chance to sit by the ocean.  Our travels today will be like this.

We all lined up and "The Bird" serenaded us out of the campground.  Each bird built has a built in loudspeaker on which they can play a variety of different clips from songs.  It is unique to this type of motor home, and we are always honored when they play it for us.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Happy Birthday Pat!!

Happy Birthday Pat!!  Today is Pats birthday so we started the day with morning coffee Happy Hour.  The Birthday was prepared and we chatted for a couple hours.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Pat and Harold arrive

Our friends Pat and Harold will be arriving today and that will make our caravan to Arizona complete. They left Canada 4 days ago and are looking forward to some time in warmer weather.  It looks like today will be in the mid 70's which will be perfect for their welcome party.  They won't be arriving until around 3 pm so we had some time to do some stuff before they get here.  First thing was to take Charlie for a long walk down by the State park and follow the trails back up to Ponderosa.  It is a nice quiet area to walk, but we were hoping to see some wild life but we didn't.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Battery Service day

You will be happy to know that I am feeling so much better today.  I know everyone was thinking they would have to put up we me whining on here for a week or so but I will spare you that.

Today was warm and sunny again as it should be around here.  This morning I did my monthly service on the house batteries.  My batteries are set up to equalize once every 30 days and when they do, the controller boosts the charge to them to about 15.3 volts for about 2 hours.  This will result in a certain amount of boiling in the batteries.  Nothing wrong with the boiling except it makes a mess of the top of the batteries and inside the compartment.  I like to wash it all off and check the connections and refill all the batteries with distilled water.  Normally the 4 - 6 volt batteries will take about 16 ozs. of water total to top them up.  Because this happens every month, it is important to top them up before they equalize the second time which could result in the batteries being critically low on acid.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

It's THE CRUD!!!

Back a while ago while we were at Magnolia Beach, our good friends Tom and Norma questioned whether or not we have ever been exposed to THE CRUD!!!  We laughed and brushed it off as a bad Texas joke.  Well guess what??   We both have the CRUD!!! Susan has had it for a few days, and I am at the start of it.  The Urban Dictionary describes "THE CRUD" as:  When you turn into a walking snot ball you have "The Crud" You cough up mucus and your nose runs constantly therefore the use of the word "crud".  It's the coughing, sneezing, wheezing, throat hurting, head ready to blow up, chilled, high temperature, TEXAS CRUD.  It too shall pass!!!!

Now I am not complaining really but rather writing what Susan told me it was like.  I on the other hand am waaaay sicker than she was, so this post will be short.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Learning Spanish

Today was laundry day and I know that that is a boring subject and no one wants to hear about it BUT...... this may be the laundry day that will help us in our quest to learn enough of the Spanish language to get by in a tough spot.  We found this Laundromat (lavandería) in Roma which is just down the road from us.  Now because all of this area is only a mile or two from the Rio Grande River, Spanish is definitely the first language.

Friday, 5 January 2018

A Unique Shower experience

First order of business around our camps is the morning happy hour.  We find that not only are they enjoyable, but also very productive.  This is where the days plans are made and we decide who might be responsible for what.  Today's big plan was a move.  When we pulled in here everyone was sick and we just sort of plunked ourselves down where ever it was handiest.  We decided that we need to spread out a bit so we moved the Ponderosa to the other side of the little courtyard we have here.  It is all of 50 feet from where we were, but it gives us a whole new perspective.

We then made a new fire pit and moved all of our outside furniture to the new spot.  Part of  the reason for the move was that we got word this morning that our friends Pat and Harold (who will be known from now on as P&H) crossed the Canada/US border this morning and are heading south as fast as they can pedal and we will have to make room for them.  They may be here on Monday, but I'm guessing Tuesday will be more like it.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

We have found a great campsite

Both Sue and I were sick today so we did very little except sit in the Ponderosa and sleep.  I fixed the front door lock that was sticky and Sue took down all the Christmas decorations.  Once again the sun was shining and the temperatures were getting back up to normal for this time of year.

We did manage to sit outside in our chairs for a little while today enjoying the sunshine.  I took a walk out back of the Ponderosa in the afternoon to see if I could find the dump station everyone said is here.  I spotted a water tap there.  It is funny because although the park is pretty well neglected, the water system has been preserved.  Every water spigot is working.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Its the Sun!!!

This morning we were treated to a sight we have not seen since before Christmas.   The sun!!!  You can see by the picture that the wet has not had time to be consumed by the sun, but its amazing how that orange ball changes a persons whole outlook on life.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

A Hike in Falcon State Park

The temperature dipped to 0C or freezing last night but we were cozy in the Ponderosa.  When I rolled over in bed and looked out the window I was tempted to stay there all day.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Moving away from the wind.

Its 2018!!!!  And it doesn't feel one bit different than 2017!!!!  And I don't have a hangover because I was in bed before 10:00 pm last night.  Oh dear, am I getting that old and boring.  I remember going out for New Years in Phoenix not that long ago with a couple who were 95 years old and they were cutting up a rug so I guess it has nothing to do with age!!!  Just lazy I guess.  Maybe next year we will have to find a party.

Susan is one of the few left that actually makes New Years resolutions and I'm not sure I'm thrilled with this years.  Lots of luck dear. LOL