Thursday 23 May 2024

More Ordinary Things Today

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

This morning I spent a little time looking at the music schedule for the summer.  We have a couple major music events coming up and its time to get some talent lined up for them.  July 7 will be the Hootenany which is held at Cj's as a fund raiser for Friends of Rivers Lake.  I like to have 3 or 4 different musicians lined up for that one.  This one involves a BBQ supper and an evening of music.  The second event is the world wide "Music on the Porch" that is held the last Saturday in August.  Once again we want to have a few musicians to perform in the late afternoon and evening.
We are going to have some good Saturdays on the deck here at Cj's.  I will try to keep you up to speed.

Just after lunch we had to head into town because Sue had an appointment at the Medical Clinic.  While she was at her appointment Max and I did some Manitoba Housing work and delivered some notice of entry paperwork to a couple houses.

 Then we had to swing by the manor to make sure things were good.  With the exception of a little build up of flowers in the lounge, we are good to go.

Then we went back to the clinic to wait for gramma!  Yawn!

Later in the afternoon Archie and I had to go to town and on the way back I had to let him out to run.  Every time I take him with me to town, he gets to run the last 1/2 mile home and he loves it.  Those little short legs can sure move!!

Later in the day I spent some time sourcing the parts I will need to fix my log splitter that I broke yesterday.  Looks like I might be in luck!!

Oh yes and guess what we are doing on this cool windy damp evening.  Yup we are watching Survivor again.  Only 40 more seasons to go!!  Good Nite!!

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Woops, Oh Well

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

This morning I wanted to get the generator and log splitter up to the wood pile to try it out.  Well I was not careful and the splitter fell over and bust the handle off the hydraulic system.  I was not happy.  Hope I can find some parts.

So I put the splitter back in the shed and I will deal with it another day.  Grrrr!!

Well off to the woodpile Archie and I went and loaded up our totes.  Its a lot of work but I take my time and just work at my own pace.  At least it is not hot out.

Wednesday is the day that I fill all the wood boxes in the seasonal sites.  That is the deal I have with everyone who has one of my wood boxes.  I use the wheeler to get the totes in to the site from the truck and then load the boxes.

With all my chores done for the day, I was allowed to go to a ball game.  We like to support our local Comets ball club.  They play some pretty good ball. These are guys that are between 18 and 40. 

After the game I came home and hit the couch.  Archie is a cuddle bum tonight and he and Sue are just hanging out.

We watched a little survivor and then off to bed.  Good Nite!!

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Got the Tire Fixed

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

I called a small town tire and repair shop in Oak River which is about 20 minutes from us and asked if they had any used tires.  Yup they got one so I headed up there to get it if it is any good.  What do you think?  Should I go used or new?  Lol.  Yes I bought the new one but it set me back $216!!

I had a little helper today and he looked just like a typical farm kid.  He is such a smart little guy and surprises me with his wisdom at times.  He was busy telling me about the oil in the pails while he was snuggling with the dog at the garage.

We were not far from Sheri and Cj's on the Links so we headed up there for a little lunch.  We had some ham and cheese sandwiches and chicken soup.  It was so good!  

We finished up and headed out.  That was about all my camera recorded for today.  The rest of the day was just doing normal stuff and then to bed.  Good Nite!!

Monday 20 May 2024

A Little More Cj's Stuff

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

I guess I will give you a little more insight into what goes on in a day around Cj's.  It is Monday of the long weekend and the weather is quite cool, so all of the campers will be moving out early today.  They all have to go back to work!!  Ha Ha!  Oh right, I have to work too!  I have to get the flat tire off the truck and find a replacement.  I have a couple contacts for used tires that I will try first.  

Actually the tire was not completely flat, just that one spot that is bad!!  It would probably thump a lot going down the road.

I spent some time working on the generator I got from Nikki.  Lots of carb cleaner and flush out the gas tank a couple times  

I don't know much about these generators, but if it runs good it will be great for me to run my log splitter up where there is no power.

We had a Dad and Mom out on the golf course today.  The kids were a little rambunctious and the parents just ignored them, but we get lots of that now and I try not to let it get to me.  After they were done their round I happened to walk by one of the back holes and looky looky!!!  Not major damage, but if it was my kid there would be a spanking involved, as well as a sincere apology to the owner by the kid.   Nope, not these guys.  They just disappeared and left the mess to me!! Grrrr!

On the brighter side, I went in the shack and Sarah was busy making hamburgers.  We make all our own hamburgers with a secret recipe and they taste delicious.  Sarah is the type of girl that will make you smile no matter what is happening.  Thanks for cheering me up!  She had to run the till as well, so she was a busy girl.

And here is a little look at our coffee/slushie bar.  We have the best coffee in the west and our slushies are guaranteed to freeze your brain!!  Pink lemonade and Cherry are the flavours of the day.

Another neat little thing is the share bowl.  When there are fries or onion rings, or a chicken finger left over from an order, they go in the share bowl.  Anyone can pick away at it as they pass by and I was quick to snag this onion ring!!  Winner winner chicken dinner!!!  (there was no chicken)!  That's about all that happened today.  Good Nite!!

Sunday 19 May 2024

A Little Change of Plan Today

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

Today got started on the wrong foot or should I say tire!  Yup a flat tire and if you know me well I am not a believer in spare tires so of course I don't have one.  Actually I do have one but of course it is flat. lol  And of course this is Sunday of the long weekend so no chance of getting a tire until Tuesday now.  Oh well!!

So I had to improvise.  Out with the lawn tractor and trailer and off to the woodpile to load up.  It seems like everyone needs wood today.

Actually I put a good big hole in the woodpile this weekend.  That's good.  

Sue had a bit of a problem this morning as well.  She changed the oil in the fryers this morning and woops, she kinda overflowed the jug catching the used oil.  Good thing we had lots of Zorball!!  

Today Nikki and the kids are joining us for the day along with Karalee and Brandon.  It will be nice to spend some time with them.   Kaitlyn and Karalee have had a tradition of swimming on the long weekend.  Kaitlyn was not feeling well today, so Karalee went for the cool dip.  Good job!!

Lots of kids and lots of bikes.  It's gonna be a busy day for old Grampa!!

But old Gramps has a smile on his face when there are a bunch of kids along.  

Nikki brought a couple things for me to fix.  I am glad she asks me to do things for her, because it makes me feel like I am helping my son out as well.  The first project was to put the lock nuts on the new bunk bed stairs that she bought.  It has those nylon lock nuts which require a little more work to get them tight.  Using a power driver makes the job easier.

Then I had to do a little tightening on Emma's bike.  The chain was loose and fell off, so I tightened it up and it will be fine.


Well today was a good day.  Quite busy at Cj's as people start doing the summer vacation thing.  The weather was nice but did cool off about supper time.  That means that the ice cream rush after supper takes a hit.  Oh well.

We had Karalee and her friend Brandon here this weekend.  It is nice to spend time with her because we don't see her too often because she lives about 5 hours away.  Anyway, they headed to Kaitlyn's house for the night and we will see them in the morning.  Good Nite!!!