Monday, 6 December 2021

On the Road Again

WHERE ARE WE? Lost Horse Tank, AZ 

We had a nice morning Happy Hour going on when the Sheriff's department guy pulled up to check us out.  The land we are parked on is native reserve and we needed a permit to be here.  He told us that if we were staying here, we would have to pay $15 bucks for I don't know how long.  I wasn't interested because I have wheels on my house, and I don't need to pay to park where people stay and poop in the bushes and leave all sorts of garbage around.   This is one of the not so nice boondocking spots because of what I mentioned, but also because we have a railway mainline on one side of us and an interstate on the other side.  It has been a place to be while we were doing things in Yuma, but we are done here so "yes officer, we will move on!!"  It certainly wasn't a picturesque place so no harm, no foul!!   This was our spot in a wash.

He was quite nice about it all and when I asked about our neighbour who we thought might be dead, he said that guy went for a bike ride and fell off and broke something and was in the hospital.  At least he wasn't dead in the car. 

Slides in, jacks up and we were headed through Yuma heading east toward Tucson in less than 2 hours.  On the way through Yuma, I snapped a picture of a place that brought back some memories.  It was the Day Breaker Restaurant.  Way back in early 2016 we had a special lunch here and met some of Kyra's friends.  These people have become near and dear to us over the years and today when we went by, I thought quietly of all of them.  Our friend Phyllis and her late husband Bob were a big part of convincing us do what we do.  Phyllis lives in Washington State and follows my blog faithfully.  I can bet she would love to be riding shotgun with us on our trip today.  I also thought of Ed and Lessie who are now special friends of ours.  They started their fulltime adventure a little before us and they were basically newbies to the lifestyle like us.  We will not get to see them this trip, but we will seek them out somewhere down the road.  And of course, the Queen of Boondocking, Kyra will always be a cherished friend.  She hung with us and gently guided us through all we needed to know to exist in the outback.  On that day she was the one taking the picture.  We are certainly thankful for all these friends, and they were in our thoughts as we passed by the Daybreaker Restaurant today!!  My goodness, we all looked so young!!!

There is some pretty nice scenery along the trip east from Yuma.  We were going to a place called Lost Horse Tank which is about 40 kms west of Casa Grande AZ.  It is a small area of BLM where you can stay for 14 days.  We will only stay overnight and continue on to Tucson tomorrow.

We arrived at our spot about 4:30 I guess.  We had a little Happy Hour and then Harold and I went to see what the Lost Horse Tank looked like.  It was quite a surprise to find the lush green grass in the bottom of what we would call a slough at home.  Obviously, every rain runs down the washes and into this bowl in the ground and provides water for all sorts of creatures for quite a while.  I'm sure there is a story somewhere about this place, but I would venture a guess that it was a stopping point for the horse wagon trains to have a drink while crossing this unforgiving desert. There was no water there today, but the ground was spongy under foot which indicates moisture in there. 

Sue and I took the new pup for a walk down there a little later.  We were thinking that this may be the first grass he has ever seen.  He loved it and ate some just like dogs do.

Our dog who still remains unnamed is going to be a good one, I think.  He needs some work, but I have faith is Sues abilities to train him.  He has had a full year to get some bad habits.  We have found a couple names that we might like but will keep looking for a little while. 

Speaking of unforgiving desert, there are lots of cactus around here.  I got some shots of a few of them.  Check out the prickles on some of them.

What a beautiful spot to spend an evening.  I got a few shots of the Ponderosa all parked up ready for a great evening.

And Pat and Harold are parked just up the hill.

As the sun went down it was spectacular.

We are glad we brought the yellow Jeep with us, and I think it fits in good with the sunsets.

A star and the moon were visible at the same time as the sun was setting and Pat got a good picture of it.  Thanks for sharing.  We are so blessed to be able to experience the beauty of God's creation in many different places as we travel.  I hope you take a minute to appreciate the beauty around you as well.  

Sunday, 5 December 2021

Mans Best Friend

WHERE ARE WE? Azar Junction, Winterhaven California

Well now that everyone has had a day to think about what I was going to tell you today, and I'm betting most of you figured out what I was talking about.  Let me set up the story.  Way back before we left home this fall, we had to make a tough decision about leaving our dog Sully behind with our daughter Karalee.  There is no doubt in my mind that we did the right thing for everyone involved.  He will have the best life that a dog can live, with her.  One of the things I said at that time was that maybe we should wait a year to see how travelling without a dog would work out.  Well apparently, that statement was never verbalized or more like, never heard!!! Lol.  So, for a while now, I have been peppered with "I want a dog.  I am not against having a dog, and certainly I don't dislike dogs, I just feel that they make doing some things difficult, especially in the hot weather.  You can't just leave them in the car, or the motorhome for that matter, and sometimes taking them with us is not possible.  So, we miss out on some things because of them.  But the pluses are certainly obvious as well.   The little buggers are cute and loveable. Well apparently, Sue has been chasing a certain dog for a couple weeks now, and he has been at the humane society for a while, and now he is at pet smart.  So here is how the texts started yesterday as Sue and Pat were shopping after sending Harold and I home.  There is obviously some truth to the old saying "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach!"

Well, you can tell by the picture that the deal was sealed, and he was on the way home!!  There is one important statement in the texts that I would like to highlight so you can be my witnesses'.  Ha Ha, got her!!!!

It wasn't long and the car pulled up and as suspected a furry little wiggly thing climbed out.  I guess all chances to protest were gone.  WE HAVE A DOG!!!

So now that she got the dog, we will see how the above statement works out down the line!!!  lol.  He is a cute little bugger named Pumba.  He is not a Pumba so the name will be changing.  It may take some time to figure out a new one.

He is supposed to be a year old, but there is still a lot of puppy in him.  He was owned by an older couple who went to a home, so he probably has had no rules or training.  This will be a fun journey for a while.  Sue is good at training, so I'm sure he will learn fast.  In the meantime, we found out that he likes toilet paper!!!  And that is a bone in his mouth, not what you first thought!!!

Well with that story told I will now move on to the other news of the day.  Our friend Evelyn dropped by for coffee today.  She is boondocking around here somewhere, so we were happy to have her drop by for a chat.  I'm sure we will see her again one of these days.

Pat and Sue went back to Yuma to shop again today!!  Sue sent me a picture with a little story.  Apparently while sitting waiting to turn left, a pigeon landed on the car in front of them.  It just sat there while the car waited and when it began its turn, the pigeon kinda slid off down the back and then took to flight.  Why would a pigeon choose to land on a car that is running and why didn't the girls bring it home like a stray dog???  Lol (I had to get the dig in there)

The other thing I did today was get us some Mexican Auto Insurance.  Canadian insurance does not cover us in Mexico, so we have to buy a policy that does.  The nice thing is that our Manitoba Insurance reimburses us for our premium back home for the time we are in Mexico.  Total cost for 6 months on two vehicles is about $600 so it is similar to back home. We use Lewis and Lewis for our insurance; however, Bill Bell sells good insurance as well.  They are both available online.

That was about it for today.  Sue did find some golf balls that we will use in our Mini Golf at CJ's back home.  They will be quite popular, but I fear some may wind up in some pockets accidently.

We had a great day, and our days ahead will be interesting, I'm sure.  Hope you have something to look forward to as well.

  • “Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.” – Roger A. Caras

Saturday, 4 December 2021

A Trip to the Market

WHERE ARE WE? Araz Junction, Yuma, AZ 

Our plan was to do the Arizona Market in Yuma today.  We wanted to be heading over there by 9 am so for Sue and me, it was necessary for us to set the alarm on our phones.  Now where we are camped, we are almost directly on top of the Pacific/Mountain time zone, but we have decided to do everything based on Arizona, (Mountain) time.  So, when we went to bed our phones were showing Pacific time, so I set my alarm for 7 am which would actually be 8 am in Arizona.  Well sometime in the night the phone wiggled or something and changed back to Arizona time and when our alarm went off, it was still dark.  Oh well we thought as we yawned and started to roll out of bed.  About that time Sue says, something is not right!  And she was right.  We were getting up at the equivalent of 6 am Arizona time!!!  I was back asleep in about 3 seconds and had an awesome hour more sleep!!   Anyway, we went to the Arizona Market this morning.

It is not very busy right now.  I guess a lot of people are still hesitant to hang out in crowds.  

We saw a lot of Canadian snowbirds who have just arrived in the southwest.  How can we tell?  First, they are as white as the driven snow, and second, they are almost the only people wearing a mask.  I saw this couple again about 10 minutes later and the masks were supporting their second chins.

This guy was taking a break to try to catch his breath and didn't want the wife to catch him with it off, so he thought if he sat at a table maybe that was a better place to breath than standing up!!  See the white legs??

This guy had already ditched the mask.  The string was hanging out his pocket.  And once again, the legs told the story!!  2 years with no sun!!!  

They had a mini golf there so I thought maybe I could get some ideas for CJ's Mini Golf.  Not!!  I would doubt anyone plays this one.  

I have no idea what the significance of the pirate ship is, but it was here.  It had a door to go inside but a sign said stay out!!

When lunch time rolled around, we decided to grab a burger and listen to the music.  They always have some sort of entertainment at the food court and today was no different.  Not a bad band.

Well once I got fed it was time to shop.  I had fun shopping.  First stop was for some suspenders!!!  Do I need them yet?  Not yet but soon!

Then to the Hat store!!  My shadow says I need a BIG HAT!!!  

I kinda like the pink one!!  Real men wear pink they say.

Nope, I'm not going fishing anytime soon.

And I'm a poor imitation of the Godfather!!

And I never was much good on a horse. 

And they just get bigger!

And bigger!!

And BIGGER!!!!!

Ok that was enough.  Sue sent me home with Harold to get out of her hair.  No hat for me today!!  Shucks, now I will have to have a nap!!!  On the way home we checked out the Romaine Lettuce harvest and some field work.  Farm work here is labour intensive and if you stop to watch you will hear the music blaring.  They love to work with music in the fields. 

On the way we discovered Old Yuma.  It looks quite interesting so we may have to go back there tomorrow and get some pictures.

Well that pretty much sums up our day.  And yes, I did work in a nap in the afternoon.  The evening was spent..............(I can't tell you until tomorrow what we spent our evening doing.)  Have a great night and now I'm sure you will be back tomorrow.