Tuesday, 21 March 2023

Lunch and a Parade

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We have promised Kenia for a long time that we would come spend an afternoon with her at her house.  Today was the day!  We headed over there about 11 and spent a bit of time with her before the rest of her family came for lunch.  All of my kids have little projects for old dad when we visit them and Kenia is no different.  She had bought a wall mount for her TV that needed to be hung.  While I was doing that she was cooking up a storm.  She made an awesome chicken salad for lunch.   

The kids had a fun time swimming in her pool all afternoon.  

I was up on the roof today to check out the new hot water tank that has been installed.  It looks pretty high tech compared to the old type.  The old ones are just black tanks on the roof but they supply lots and lots of fairly warm water.  To make it hot they sometimes add a propane water heater.

The new one sure works well.  The water is piping hot coming out.  No need for the propane at all because it works totally off the suns power.  

Later in the day we all headed downtown for the big parade.  If you remember the last parade we went to I swore I would never go back to another one because it went on all night.  Well here I am watching another one.  This one is all kids so it will be at least cute.  Stopped by the Cafecito to grab a stool to sit on and Kenia and Carol were busy doing their makeup!!!   The ladies always dress up for every occasion!!

Show time!!!  The parade was all teed up to begin with the cops in front with lights on and sirens blaring.  At home the sirens are used sparingly, but down here they just let them go.  This cop car sat here for probably 15 minutes blaring away!!!!

The parade today is a memorial for Benito Ju├írez who was the President of Mexico in the early 1800's.  He is noted for fighting for Mexican freedom.  The parade also marks the beginning of the summer solstice!!

 Anyways I was right the last time about watching parades here.  They move soooo slow!!  After about 2 1/2 hours of listening to Little Mermaid music, I headed for home.  There were only about 15 floats went by us in that amount of time.  I couldn't see the end of the parade yet so there was probably another 2 hours of parade.  Twas a great day all in all.  Good Nite!!


Monday, 20 March 2023

Fixing a Few Things Today

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

About a month ago we ordered a new handle for my Lazy Boy chair from Amazon.  We got a notice that it was delivered shortly after but we were away for a few days.  In the meantime, Frank and Jackie had to leave for Canada and Jeremy took over managing the facility.  Somewhere in that time our package was delivered and put on a shelf.  A month has gone by and we had given up and were going to reorder another one when Suzanne found it on the shelf and made the final delivery.  Maybe not the fastest delivery ever, but we did get what we wanted.

I got busy and installed it on my chair.  This will make my afternoon naps much easier to have.  

Next project was to fix the fridge fan.  The other day Sue was putting something in the fridge and hit one of the wires and it pulled apart and the fan quit.  My job was to put it back together.  Well as I was doing that I shorted one of them out and the fridge quit!!!  Oh oh.  I knew the power was out cause the light quit working.

So now it was the game of where is the fuse that may have blown.  I was hoping I didn't hurt anything.  Then I remembered a couple years ago when the fridge quit before.  I remembered a fuse in the back of the fridge!!  It is like a 2 amp fuse!!  So I went out to check it out.

There was the fuse, so I popped it out and sure enough.  Blown.  Whew!!!!  Easy fix.

When I had this problem 2 years ago, I bought extra fuses just in case.  Well today was just in case!!!  I installed the new one and went in to check, and bingo, the light was on in the fridge.

I headed downtown for a frappe cause I think I deserved one!!  Kenia pointed out the color of the sunset through the trees.

So I had to run down to the Malacon to check it out.  Sure enough, it was a great one!!! What do you think?  Good Nite!!

Sunday, 19 March 2023

I Don't Like Menudo!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today is Sunday or Domingo in Spanish.  Domingo is the day that Abuela Tina does Birria!!  If you haven't had birria, you aint Mexican.  I love it, but the only part I find hard to do is eat it when they do at 9 in the morning!!   Its beef and that is lunch to me.  So I generally come for the late shift around 11 which works better for me.  Most of the family showed up and there was lots of laughter most of which I had no idea what it was about.  I do catch some of it, but they have to interpret some of it to me as well if it is really funny.  

The dusty trail to Abuela's house. I feel like little Red Riding Hood!!!

Kenia's friend Sara

Oscar with a big bite of birria in a taco

They also had Menudo which is like the tough fat that a butcher strips off a good cut of meat.  They boil it and it turns all squishy and I just can't make myself like it.  I did try it once and the taste is ok but the texture is like eating a sponge.  I will try it again one day.

Oscar had to show off his pet rooster.  It follows him around and he picks it up and pets it.  

In the afternoon I got a text from our friend George who had been to the paint shop yesterday checking when his job would be done.  He sent me these pictures which confirm that we are close to getting it back.  Hopefully early next week.

After supper we headed downtown with JR and Claudine to get a frappe from Kenia's.  On the way we caught a sunset by the Malacon.

Kenia didn't have a lot of customers so we sat down and enjoyed some frappes and deep fried Oreos.

I always like to stop at the taco stand just to take in the smells.  A person can actually get hungry just standing here for a while.  

A quick stop at the grocery store and we were on our way home.  Its been a good day.  Good Nite!!!

Saturday, 18 March 2023

Departures and Arrivals

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Well today Karl and Suzie had to leave to head north.  It left a big hole in our campground and our hearts.  They have been and still are, very good friends.  They were so good to Archie and all the dogs in the Park.  We wish them safe travels.  Archie looked for them almost all day.

But it seems like there is always something new just around the corner.  J.R. and Claudine were in the park earlier in the season but we never really got to know them very well.  Then they headed farther south for the last couple months and now they have stopped by here on their way back to Quebec.  I had a nice coffee with them this morning as we watched the ocean.  Welcome back.

The water truck showed up about the same time as we decided to hit the pool.  Believe it or not the water from the truck is as warm as the pool water.  30C!!!   

Kenia and Oscar came over today for a swim with us.  I think they enjoyed their time with us in the pool.  We had some snacks and splashed a lot of water.

I got a good snicker out of this one.  Good Nite!!