Sunday 30 April 2023

Supper with Friends

WHERE ARE WE? Norman Oklahoma

All we had planned for today was a little trip to Walmart for some supper supplies.  First things first, we had coffee at the bird with Ed and Lessie.

We have invited Ed and Lessie to join us having a roast beef supper.  Mmmmm  So off to Walmart we went.  

Dani searching for a tasty treat for after supper.

Sue searching for Dani!!

So Ed and Lessie came to our house about 7 and we all enjoyed a real good supper.  It is great to spend some time with them again.

Dani did manage to find something for us to try.  Remember the Ranch Ice Cream a couple days ago?  Well she found a little container of it and we all got a spoon and tried it all together.  She covered the ice cream container so one knew what it was.   There were some pretty yucky reactions.  No one liked it and Sheri showed her displeasure the most. 

Lessie had made some banana cup cakes with banana filling so we had them to take away the horrible Ranch taste.  The cup cakes were delicious!!!

Dani and Sheri did up the dishes real quick and we played some dice and talked for a while.

It was a great day here in Oklahoma and the sunset was spectacular.  Dani snapped a picture for me.  That was it for us.  Good Nite!!!

Saturday 29 April 2023

Spending Some Time with Our Friends

WHERE ARE WE? Norman, Oklahoma

We have nothing to do with the new motorhome until next Tuesday while the dealer gets it ready, so we decided to head 250 kms north to visit with our friends Ed and Lessie in Norman Oklahoma.  Norman is just outside Oklahoma City.  Yes we will have to drive back the 350 kms on Tuesday to pick up "Percy" the Coachman Pursuit but it will give us some time with our friends.  Sue named the new MH "Percy" and I think its an awesome name!!!  We haven't seen Ed and Lessie for a year or so, so it will be nice to spend some time with them.  So off we went.  Not much to see on the trip other than a couple Casino's along the way.

This was our trip today.

We arrived shortly after lunch time and got all set up in our spot.  The county fairgrounds has an actual RV park with full service for $25 a night. We are just a few sites down from Ed and Lessie.

Ed and Lessie informed us that there is a carnival in town so we decided to go downtown and check it out.  On the way I found my business.  I didn't know I had one named after me!!!

The carnival was a carnival and Sheri and Dani bought wrist bands to go on all the rides.  They had a blast and their favorite was the one called crazy dance.  The first ride of the night was kinda slow but the last ride they had on it, they had cranked the speed way up.

While they were riding the rides, the rest of us walked down the street to take in the music festival and all the vendors along the way. The music had not really started yet and any we did hear was raunchy heavy metal style. We did get our exercise though.

There was a neat statue of James Garner because this is where he used to live.  Hey wait a minute, we also have a friend named Jim Garner.  Jim and Marilyn visit us lots at the lake all summer.  Can't wait to see them.

We managed to catch a sunset as we wandered along.

A guy was showing off his snake to the crowd.  It was a little bit cool so the snake was quite slow.

Us old folks stopped to have a drink before we hooked back up with the kids and headed for home.

We had some snacks before bed.  Dani made a pot of Kraft dinner.  Good Nite!!!

Friday 28 April 2023

We Bought Another Motorhome

WHERE ARE WE? Denton, Texas

Well we are motorhome shopped out.  We are thinking we have found one that will work.  Problem is that it is back in the spot that we left yesterday.  That means a 100 km drive.  We were on the road by 10 heading back to Joshua Tx and the RV Depot.  We met Theresa at the front desk and she took us to relook at one of the motorhomes we looked at yesterday.

Anyway, like I mentioned yesterday, there are some real savings to be had on some pretty good older Motorhomes with low mileage.  The one we are looking at is a 2014 Coachman Pursuit.  It is 27 feet long and has everything on our checklist.  It has a King size bed in the back bedroom with lots of closet space.  It has a drop down double bed above the drivers area.  It has a good sized bathroom with an electric/propane fridge, and a stove with an oven.  The outside has some oxidization which we will get fixed in Mexico, and a couple minor fixable flaws.  It needs tires all the way around, but every used motorhome older than 5 years generally needs the tires replaced even if they are not miled out. We plan to put some solar on the roof and get some AGM batteries for whatever unit we pick as well.  Here is the one we are looking at today.  What do you think???

NO NO NO!!!  Thats not it.  I'm just kidding you.  Here it is.

We did a little thinking and played a game or two of Cornhole and stood by the fake campfire for a while and after some discussion decided this one will probably work for us.  

We are now the proud owners of not 1 but 2 Motorhomes.  This will be an  expensive trip home just for fuel alone.  We will probably put the Rexall on the market later this summer and move all our stuff into the new one.  Well not all our stuff because this one is only 27 feet long and doesn't have as much room for stuff.  That is probably a good thing because we are getting way too much.  We are pretty pumped but they have to do all the checks and there are some things to fix before we pick it up on Tuesday.  

We had a good sales lady who didn't do the high pressure thing but rather got the information we asked for.  She is new to the Motorhome sales so I think she enjoyed finding out a few things about them.  Thanks for your help Theresa!!

We all loaded up for the 1 1/2 trip back to Denton where the Ponderosa is.  Archie settled in on Dani's lap for the drive.

The kids played some silly kazoo game before heading to bed.  We will all sleep good tonight.  Good Nite!!

Thursday 27 April 2023

More Shopping and Moving

WHERE ARE WE? Denton Texas

We had some rain last night.  After I posted the blog the clouds came rolling in and they posted another tornado warning.  We slept like babies with the cooler weather though.

Sue and I headed out to check out some more Motorhomes.  We did find an interesting one today.  Who knows, maybe we will pull the trigger!!!  No it was not this one, although we did like it a lot.  It would be nice to just buy a new one or a couple years old, but we really are having a tough time spending up to $50000 US more just to have it newer.  There are lots of 6 to 8 year old ones with under 30000 miles on them for way less money.  Oh well I remember being told that you don't get to pick your motorhome, it gets to pick you.  That's what happened with our current one and we have been happy with it for 8 going on 9 years now.  We just want something a little smaller now.

After we saw what we wanted to see, we decided to move north of Dallas.  So we hitched up and headed for Denton.  We will check out some more MH's here tomorrow.  The roads were quite busy as we went right through Fort Worth at 5 pm rush hour.  

We went right by the Texas Speedway but there is nothing going on there right now.

Sue spotted a car garage of some sort.  It must be like an elevator type thing because there is no room or ramp to ride to the top.  

The kids found the darndest things in Walmart.  How about some Mac and Cheese gummies?  Yuck!!  or maybe some Ranch flavoured ice cream!!! Double Yuck!!!

I love all the green grass around here.  I can't wait to get home and cut the lawn.  The smell is amazing!!!

Not a long trip today but it was in the right direction.  We will soon be out of Texas!!

All snuggled down and watching Survivor.  Good Nite!!