Monday 27 March 2023

Friends join us for Supper

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

After some pretty stormy seas, the waves seem to be calming down a lot.  Hopefully we can do a couple swims in there when the kids are here.  Archie and I and the new dog Maddy, enjoyed a nice coffee by the beach this morning.

Later we couldn't figure out what was bugging the dogs and making them bark until we looked on the back fence.  Our iguana friend was balanced on top just looking around.  

We are having our friends Steve and Julie over fro supper tonight so we picked up some shrimp to make a yummy supper.  There is always some discussion if the devaining is worth the time, but some people can't get by the eating shrimp poop thing.  I'm fine with shrimp poop so I fit right in with the Mexicans.  Anyway I got the table all set up outside and Sue got busy cooking shrimp and rice.

Our guest arrived around 5 and we chatted for a while before checking out the sunset. 

We watched Archie carefully this afternoon, because he kinda go in the middle of a dog fight down the street and I think a couple of the bigger dogs gave him a little what for.  Long story and we will leave it for another day.  So Archie has some scrapes and he is feeling a bit beat up so he just laid around making us feel sorry for him.  He is a lot better now as I write this.

One way we know he is much better is because he wanted to go explore the beach while we watched the sunset.  So many smells and things to explore.  He is sure a good dog now and we can trust him to run free on the beach when it is not busy, and he will come back when we call him.

Well that was it for my day.  Hope you had a great one too!!  A so so sunset tonight!!  Good Nite!!

Sunday 26 March 2023

A Walk Around Town

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

I spent the morning making sure my itinerary for my flight home on Tuesday is in place.  You probably don't know, but I am making a quick trip back to Manitoba.  I will leave on the 28th and be back in PV on April 1st!!!  Just long enough to make a snow angel and back I come.  Its a long story but for health insurance reasons I have to touch Manitoba soil to renew my travel insurance for 60 days.  At my age and with my medical stuff, it is way cheaper to take a return flight to renew my Blue Cross Travel insurance which I kept from my working years, than it is to source an outside policy for the 6 months we are away.   The 60 days will be enough time for us to drive through the USA and back to Canada.  So I am going to go home and help Sheri shut down CJ's on Ice and then her and Dani will fly back to Mexico with me and spend the next month or so travelling back to Canada in the motorhome.  To get a good price, sometimes flights have lots of legs with some layovers.  I get to hang out in the Vancouver airport for about 8 hours but I don't mind.  Then on to Calgary where I have a tight connection to get to Brandon.  It will be fun.  I will get a couple days with the family before returning to paradise.  

We have 3 new RV's in the park right now.  People are stopping here on their migration north.  Its always nice to have people around.  It won't be long and the park will be full of Semana Santa celebrators.  

Well I just couldn't resist the 55 peso lunch today so we headed up town for lunch.  Liver and Onions for me today.  Pretty quiet on the streets today but it is Sunday and it was after siesta time which is 2 pm. 

We went home for a while and swam in the pool.  Later we headed back downtown to have a smoothie at Kenia's.  On our walk we passed by Las Brisas and waved at Wally and Patty and Ron and Lilly.  They are taking in the sunset there while having supper. 

There are a lot of really nice murals in this town and I guess I should be sharing some of them with you.  We just wandered up a couple streets tonight and these are some of the ones we saw.  All done by a local artist.

Here is another mural we are happy with.  It is at Los Koritas restaurant.  Sergio paints peoples names on his restaurant wall and this is what he put with ours.  I think he likes the yellow jeep!!! Eat your heart out George!!!  That's it for today.  Good Nite!!!

Saturday 25 March 2023

Our Time in Mexico is Winding Down

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

The ocean is still in a powerful state and although the tides are lower than normal the force of the waves brought the water right in through our gate last night.  The sound is incredible and the foam from the waves is mesmerizing.  

Today is one of the days that make me feel sad at this time of year.  Every two weeks I have to do up my pill thingys and it is a reminder of how quickly the winter has slipped away.  I will get to fill them one more time before we head out on our northern migration.  On the other hand, we do look forward to going back to Cjs and all our northern friends for the summer!!  I guess it is all good!!

As usual we ended the day with a pretty sunset.  Why not?  They are free!!!  Good Nite!!

Friday 24 March 2023

More Eating

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

The ocean has picked up some power in the last day.  Apparently there is a storm going on somewhere that has churned things up.  Its not really an angry ocean, but rather a powerful one.  I marvel at the different phases of the ocean and how it affects everyone who lives by it.  It can completely change a sandy beach one day to one full of gravel the next and then to larger rocks and finally back to sand again.  

After lunch I headed down to see the glasses lady.  I got new glasses a couple weeks ago and I am having trouble with the left lens.  She is going to send them back to make sure the prescription was right.  Hope we get it sorted out cause my left eye really pulls hard when I wear them.

While I was downtown I was hungry so I stopped by El Pollito's for lunch.  I love the afternoon menu which is 55 peso's.  Thats like $4 for lunch.  Today was pork stew.  

The reason I had lunch was because I knew our reservation at Lucy's was for 7 pm.  Lucy is the go to place for wood fired pizza and we are meeting Blair and Joanne and Ed and Donna there.  It seems like eating is our favourite pass time.

After supper we went down the street for dessert at a little vendor who has really fixed up her little corner.  It is really pretty at night.

So that was our day.  By the time I got home I was starting to feel under the weather.  I think tomorrow might be a day off!!  Oh well we will see!  Good Nite!!

Thursday 23 March 2023

JR and Claudine Headed Out Today

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

This morning JR and Claudine are leaving us after being here for a week or so.  They are the only other RV in the Park right now so we are feeling a bit lonely.   Safe travels guys!!!

Archie is not sure what to do with himself now that everyone is gone, so he decided to have a nap in my chair.  That's something I might do too!!!

In the afternoon I went down town after the market was over to give Kenia a hand moving her Cafecito back to its spot for the week.  Yup the spot we are moving to is empty now!!

So I walked over to where she stores the Cafecito on market day to wait for her.  Well well look at that!!! There is a chair just waiting for me!!!  

So I sat in it until Kenia showed up.  Its always good to have a place to sit cause sometimes there is a lot of waiting when you are on Mexican time.  

Kenia's friend Bernice showed up on a quad and I hopped on for a ride.  You can drive whatever you want down the streets here and no one bothers you.  License?  Insurance?  What is that?

I have been seeing some spectacular pictures of northern lights back home the last couple days.  I don't think I have ever witnessed this kind of colour in my lifetime.  Maybe I will get to see some next week when I fly home for a couple days.

Well this is the good nights we exchanged with Kenia tonight!  What a crazy kid!!!  Good Nite!!

Wednesday 22 March 2023

The Jeep Came Back!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Last evening our newly painted Jeep arrived back at our park.  Frank went and picked it up for me because I totally screwed up the communication with the painter and Frank bailed me out.  Thanks!!!  He got it home after I went downtown so it missed yesterdays blog.  They did a pretty good job of the paint and I am happy.  I was most concerned with the rust and we will see how that holds up.  

I got them to put new plates in the front floor boards and it seems to be a good job.  It will outlast me.  

I did express my concern with the overspray and dirt on the black on the hood.  He said just bring it back Saturday and he will paint it black again.  Total cost of the job was 13000 pesos which is $960.00 cnd.  Wow!!! Probably 5000.00 at home!!!  

To celebrate the Jeeps return, we took a little drive to PV today because Kenia needed to go to Sam's Club for supplies for her Cafecito.  The only thing I found that sparked my interest was Menudo!!  Yep they had menudo for sale at Sam's Club!!   I didn't buy any in case you wondered.

Anyway we took the scenic route on the way to PV and it took us 35 minutes from El Monteon to Bucerias.  It is a scenic drive and today we went as quick as we wanted.  80 kms is about as fast as you can go safely on the twisty windy up and down narrow road.  The reason I told you this is because they have just completed the new autopista toll road and it is brand new without all the twists.  We thought we would pay the 233 peso toll and try it on the way home.  We didn't do much more than 80 kms cause its pretty windy in the jeep.  It is just up and over and through the mountain and down the other side and it spits us out in El Monteon.  Even at 80 kms we were about 23 minutes from Bucerias back to El Monteon.  The big advantage I see to having this road is that it will be good to drive on if one gets caught staying in PV too long and has to drive back in the dark.  The whole trip was just in an out to get a Jeep full of groceries for Kenia.  

When we got home, we unloaded and went out for lunch at Kenia's friends restaurant.  We had ceviche and I had a Pina water.  Is it ever good.   We had a good time today having the Jeep to get around in.  Good Nite!!