Sunday 26 March 2023

A Walk Around Town

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

I spent the morning making sure my itinerary for my flight home on Tuesday is in place.  You probably don't know, but I am making a quick trip back to Manitoba.  I will leave on the 28th and be back in PV on April 1st!!!  Just long enough to make a snow angel and back I come.  Its a long story but for health insurance reasons I have to touch Manitoba soil to renew my travel insurance for 60 days.  At my age and with my medical stuff, it is way cheaper to take a return flight to renew my Blue Cross Travel insurance which I kept from my working years, than it is to source an outside policy for the 6 months we are away.   The 60 days will be enough time for us to drive through the USA and back to Canada.  So I am going to go home and help Sheri shut down CJ's on Ice and then her and Dani will fly back to Mexico with me and spend the next month or so travelling back to Canada in the motorhome.  To get a good price, sometimes flights have lots of legs with some layovers.  I get to hang out in the Vancouver airport for about 8 hours but I don't mind.  Then on to Calgary where I have a tight connection to get to Brandon.  It will be fun.  I will get a couple days with the family before returning to paradise.  

We have 3 new RV's in the park right now.  People are stopping here on their migration north.  Its always nice to have people around.  It won't be long and the park will be full of Semana Santa celebrators.  

Well I just couldn't resist the 55 peso lunch today so we headed up town for lunch.  Liver and Onions for me today.  Pretty quiet on the streets today but it is Sunday and it was after siesta time which is 2 pm. 

We went home for a while and swam in the pool.  Later we headed back downtown to have a smoothie at Kenia's.  On our walk we passed by Las Brisas and waved at Wally and Patty and Ron and Lilly.  They are taking in the sunset there while having supper. 

There are a lot of really nice murals in this town and I guess I should be sharing some of them with you.  We just wandered up a couple streets tonight and these are some of the ones we saw.  All done by a local artist.

Here is another mural we are happy with.  It is at Los Koritas restaurant.  Sergio paints peoples names on his restaurant wall and this is what he put with ours.  I think he likes the yellow jeep!!! Eat your heart out George!!!  That's it for today.  Good Nite!!!


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