Wednesday 8 March 2023

More Catch up Reporting!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

So to continue with things that have happened and I have not reported on my blog, here is the story of the Jeep that one of my readers commented on.  If you remember a couple months ago a painter was in the park and gave me a quote to get rid of some rust and repaint the Jeep?  Remember the 13000 peso's written in the dirt on door of the Jeep?

Well 10 days ago I delivered the Jeep to El Monteon for the painter to do his magic.  El Monteon is about 8 miles down the road so I have not seen it since.  I hope he is progressing fine.  He told me between the 15th and 18th to be finished.  I told him his tip depended on him being done by the 18th.  So that is my story for now.  It will be continued after I get the Jeep back.

Our friend Jack in the park has run into a problem with his slide.  He is getting all sorts of weird error codes that don't make sense and his slide will not move.  He is planning on leaving on Friday, so we tried all the obvious things to make it work to no avail.  So this morning we got out the wrenches and manually brought the slide in.  The Motorhome is still livable with the slide in so he will leave it like that until he gets back to the USA where he can get it fixed.

Then we got a taxi and headed down to see the Dr. in Los Ayala about a rash Sue has developed on her leg.  He gave her some cream to ease the itching and finished up by encouraging Sue to watch her sugars.  Its tough to do down here because there is lots of temptation.  He recommended she drink a green juice every morning consisting of anything green and no fruit.  Yuck!!!  Kale, Spinach, celery, lettuce. I will not be having any of that!!!  She is trying Anita!!  Lol.

Back home to the pool for a quick dip.  The sun has become more intense lately, and it is almost imperative that we go for an afternoon dip now.  Almost everyone in the park was there today for a dip.

Then off to supper at Sergio's with a group from the park, for the best ribs in the country.   He and his family are such great people and they sure can cook.  He does ribs on Sunday and Wednesday and you have to reserve at least a week ahead.  Mmmmmmm Good!!

And then home for a beautiful moon rise and some relaxation.  Good Nite!!!


  1. Can't wait to see the happy Jeep!
    Hope things clear up for Sue. Green juice, hmm, St. Patrick's Day is coming up. ☺️

  2. Thanks for the info about the Jeep. I'm glad you are not having a mechanical problem.

  3. Looking forward to the Jeep pictures. Hope you feel better soon Sue, do you think maybe you're allergic to Lorne? LOL


  4. ThOsE gReEn DrINkS bE tAsTy 🤢


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