Monday 13 March 2023

New Glasses for the Old Guy

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

The Migration has commenced.  First to leave were Drew and Leena and Willie the dog.  There is a big hole where they were parked.  They are going to PV on a holiday.  Safe travels and have fun!!  Hope to see them in our travels.

I think Archie knows that Karl and Suzie will be leaving soon because he sat on their step and barked to get them out of bed this morning.  There is only Archie and Rudy left in the park.  Oh yes Lucy, but we hardly ever see her.

I went and picked up my new glasses today downtown.  3000 pesos for progressives with glare resistance.  They are stronger than my old ones so will take some getting used to.  I almost look concerned don't I??  Even my eyes look all squirrelly!!!

Then I went for a quick lunch.  It was awesome!!  I cleaned it all up!!  55 peso's for a chicken dinner!!

Saw this painted on a wall downtown.  The Mexicans are starting to change how they view animals a little bit.  It basically says Respect for animals is an obligation, loving animals is a privilege. Good Nite!


  1. I have no idea what a peso is worth but I'm guessing you got some good deals. You look so serious, were they pinching your nose, hurting your ear? Or were you just trying to show us you aren't always a smiley kind of guy?


  2. nIcE gLaSsEs LoRn 🤓


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