Saturday 11 March 2023

A Sunset Supper

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

So this morning at coffee, Karl and Suzie talked me into trying out one of their electric bikes.  Both Karl and I had to go downtown to get some stuff for a potluck we were having for supper tonight.  I hate taking other peoples stuff in case I break it, but I did want to try out the bike.  So off we went.  The thing has scads of power and I didn't have to use the pedals once.  It would start me right from a stop and have me up to whatever speed I wanted really fast.  I told Karl afterwards that if I had one, I would take off the pedals and put a couple foot pegs on it and call it a motorbike.  I still think I might like to have a little motor scooter with a gas engine.  Not a lot of weight difference I would say.  

So we had a potluck for supper tonight because most of the people at the park are leaving soon.  We will be the only ones left here very soon.  So we were invited to have the supper with Ken and Rhonda at the upstairs suite so we could watch the sunset.  Susan was doing the shrimp and chose Tequila Shrimp.  The recipe calls for burning the tequila to sauté the shrimp and then pour the remaining sauce over the shrimp.  Pretty good stuff.  

Its on fire!!!

We had a great time with everyone from the park talking about all of our experiences.  To bad the winter is slowly coming to an end and everyone will be heading north again.

The suite is right above the pool so you can look down on it.  

And of course we were there for the sunset as well and it did not disappoint!!!

I sometimes wonder if the big eyed fish are thinking "Where did the rest of me go"!  I think of the weirdest things sometimes.   Good Nite!!


  1. What a lovely way to enjoy supper. Flaming shrimp, wow! That sunset is beautiful.
    Sad that our time is also coming to an end.

  2. ThAt FiSh LoOkS lIkE iT hAd A rOuGh NiGhT 🐟


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