Thursday 16 March 2023

A Musical Sunset

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Market day today so we headed down to partake in the mayhem.  All the Gringo's are getting ready to head back north so now they are looking to buy all the things that they looked at and pondered all winter.  I think the vendors know it and up their prices accordingly.  I'm happy to say we were not in this group of panic buyers.  

Mexico does have a lot of very pretty stuff to stimulate your eyes.  Bright colours and unique designs are very pleasing to look at!! (in a store!!)  We have no room in our Motorhome for any of it.

One thing they do is celebrate everything around here.  They have closed down the street for a 6 year old birthday.  It comes with many give aways and lots of food and drink for everyone.  Even a DJ to keep the moms dancing!!  I wasn't invited so I didn't stick around for the festivities!!! LOL

Sue and I stopped at Irma's on the way home for a bite to eat.  While we were dining a couple of roaming minstrels came along to serenade us.  Normally the musicians play one song and then look for money, but these guys were very talented and they played three or 4 songs.  Our friends from the park are leaving over the next 2 days and have expressed an interest in doing some traditional real Mexican things tonight starting with a sunset on Rhonda and Ken's deck.  So Sue and I thought, uhuh!! Lets hire these guys to serenade us at sunset.   They agreed and it was all set up for a 6 pm performance on the balcony.  Shhh don't tell anyone, cause its a surprise.

So we all headed up to the balcony for some drinks and to watch the sunset around 5:30.  Sunset is about 6:15 here.  Jackie and Frank just came back from Calgary today, and Suzanne and a family friend were all in the pool just below the deck.  

So the musicians arrived at 6 pm, which is kind of amazing for Mexico and came up stairs playing Mexican music and then they entertained all of us for an hour.  The sunset was spectacular with a Mexican flavour.  They even played a "sunset serenade" as the sun dipped into the ocean.

I think everyone enjoyed it and we loved sitting with our friends enjoying a sunset in paradise.  Just for the record here is their card.  They are from Guadalajara but spend time in La Penita in the winter.

After the sunset, we all walked downtown to a very unique Mexican restaurant.  They don't have a big menu, but it is all traditional food.  We had enchilada's, pezole, and the national drink of Mexico "Coke".  They even had hermica!!!  (I know, I know, you thought cervesa was the national drink!!)  A little walk in the town and it was all over for another day.  We enjoyed being part of our friends Mexican send off.

We saw this line of leaf cutter ants crossing the road on the way home.  There must be a festival in the ant pile because they were all carrying flowers back to their community.  Good Nite!!!


  1. Whew. You said the musicians were to arrive at 6pm. I was worried they would arrive about 2 hours later. Glad everything worked out.

  2. What a nice gesture with the musicians. Now I've heard it all! A musical sunset!


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