Monday 27 March 2023

Friends join us for Supper

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

After some pretty stormy seas, the waves seem to be calming down a lot.  Hopefully we can do a couple swims in there when the kids are here.  Archie and I and the new dog Maddy, enjoyed a nice coffee by the beach this morning.

Later we couldn't figure out what was bugging the dogs and making them bark until we looked on the back fence.  Our iguana friend was balanced on top just looking around.  

We are having our friends Steve and Julie over fro supper tonight so we picked up some shrimp to make a yummy supper.  There is always some discussion if the devaining is worth the time, but some people can't get by the eating shrimp poop thing.  I'm fine with shrimp poop so I fit right in with the Mexicans.  Anyway I got the table all set up outside and Sue got busy cooking shrimp and rice.

Our guest arrived around 5 and we chatted for a while before checking out the sunset. 

We watched Archie carefully this afternoon, because he kinda go in the middle of a dog fight down the street and I think a couple of the bigger dogs gave him a little what for.  Long story and we will leave it for another day.  So Archie has some scrapes and he is feeling a bit beat up so he just laid around making us feel sorry for him.  He is a lot better now as I write this.

One way we know he is much better is because he wanted to go explore the beach while we watched the sunset.  So many smells and things to explore.  He is sure a good dog now and we can trust him to run free on the beach when it is not busy, and he will come back when we call him.

Well that was it for my day.  Hope you had a great one too!!  A so so sunset tonight!!  Good Nite!!


  1. Steve and Julie27 March 2023 at 21:29

    Dinner was lovely..both the food and the company. We will come "fro" dinner anytime!!
    Sorry we had to postpone a few adventures this year for sure!
    Just blink a couple of times, and we will all be back, listening to the waves and watching amazing sunsets 💜💜

  2. Poor Archie!
    Nice to have company for a meal.


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