Friday 10 March 2023

Cemetery at Night? Sure Why Not?

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We have a dog whisperer in the park.  Suzie has won the hearts of every dog in the park.  We had quite a few this week.   The park owners and managers dropped 4 of their dogs here for the week while they were away taking another dog to a vet in Guadalajara.  Then there is the park guard dog, and then Jeremy's dog Lucy.  So 6 of them and then Archie and Willie.  And they all follow Suzie around!!!

Steve and Julie invited us up to the big RV park for supper tonight.  It was great spending the evening with them.  They are fun people and oh by the way they know how to cook ribs!!!  Thanks for the invite and sorry I didn't take any pictures to show for it.  Anyway Sue and I headed home about 9.   The back way from the park takes us right by the grave yard which is a a bit eerie!!  

When we got home we talked to Sheri to try and figure out which Survivor players we will pick for this season.  Its kinda fun seeing who ends up with the winner!!  Here is who we picked.

Then we watched the current episode and went to bed.  Good Nite!!

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