Tuesday 28 February 2023

Fixing Some Stuff Today

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We have a handy little wagon that we use for all sorts of things. We bought it about 5 years ago and it has been around a lot of salt.  We use it here to take our laundry to the lavenderia and today the wheel broke off of it.  Now one wheel broke off a couple years ago and Harold welded it.  It was not that wheel that broke but rather the other one.  

So I limped it down the street to where some local guys fix cars and stuff and sure enough he said he would weld it.  

When I came back a couple hours later it was all done and completely reinforced so it will probably last for another 5 years or so.

Derek and Kate and the kids moved out this morning, but they left their trailer because they are just going to an air b&b for a couple weeks and then will be back to spend a little more time here.  We hope they have an awesome time and see some new country.

Joel was busy tidying up the shrubs and trees in the park today.  Stuff grows like a bad weed, even in the winter when their is no rain.

Kenia got a bunch of her bling delivered to the Cafecito today.  She has all new signs and now she got stickers and business cards to help promote her business  I think we sort of egged her on with our CJ's stuff last summer.

Cafecito and CJ's

You can scan her cards for her menu

So I was helping her with the stickers and I said we should put the sticker on the outside of the container.  She said no because then when they are eating, the sticker is right there where everyone can see it.  Smart kid.

Even Oscar got in the sticker mode.

We put stickers on a bunch of glasses and then I headed for home.  Too much excitement for me!!! Good Nite!!!


Monday 27 February 2023

The Bananas are Ready.

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today Normand and Suzanne are leaving the park to spend a couple days in Lo de Marcos.  I forgot to include in yesterdays post that we had a nice bonfire in the evening and all chatted for quite a while.  Suzanne is a spring ski buff so she wants to get some late March, early April skiing in so that's why they leave early.  We said goodbye in mid morning and I totally missed taking any pictures of their departure.  

Another clump of banana's from our tree was ready to cut down and ripen.  They are actually quite good bananas.  We just leave them out for anyone in the park to grab and eat.  They go great in a smoothie!!

Suzie is our dog whisperer in the park so when we are looking for our dog we know where to find him.  He is with all his friends at Suzie's house!!!

And another beautiful sunset!!! Good Nite!!

Sunday 26 February 2023

The Northern Migration is Starting Already

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Sorry for the Blog overload, but I got a little behind.  I often threaten to do one that will cover 3 days but then I have too much to report so I just overload the daily posts.  Today we are doing a little celebration in honour of Normand and Suzanne who will be leaving tomorrow to start their trek back to the great white north.  They will stop in Lo de Marcos for a couple days to visit and then they will be gone.  We had to have the season finale Skip-bo game and we had fun playing it.

The beach was a little busier today than usual with lots of walkers going back and forth.

Saw a funny thing about sunset.  Remember a few days ago I commented about the pilot who couldn't decide which direction to fly.  Well today he came back!!! I can hear him saying "Its over here!! Turn left!!"  It wouldn't be a woman flying because they would have asked for directions!! lol

We love to watch the movement of the sun over the 4 months we are here.  The first picture is from Mid December when we arrived and the second is from tonight.  Soon the sun will set in the ocean and maybe even get to the island before we leave.  

So this is my official sunset picture!!! 

We ended the day with a little bonfire with almost everyone from the park.  Great night.  Good Nite!!

Saturday 25 February 2023

Lots of Different Things Happening Today

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

A little report from home today to start the blog.  Sheri is back home running CJ's on Ice and today she made up a few versions of poutine for national poutine day.  She loves to dream up new things and all the hockey and curling people who frequent her restaurant love to try them.  Good job girl.

I think this was Tex Mex Poutine

Loaded Potato Poutine

Pulled Pork Poutine

Her and Dani even found time for the Curling skills Clinic in the rink today.  Sheri does a wonderful version of the Lorne Green tuck delivery.  Not quite as good as our son Derek used to do with his 360 spin delivery, but nice non the less.

Our Grand Daughter Dani however has not mastered the tuck delivery yet.  This one was kind of a curl up in a ball delivery.

Anyhow Dani was a winner in the Junior division and received 34 bucks AND a free Poutine at CJ's!!!  LOL.  She can have free poutine at CJ's anytime she wants!!!

Because we have been away for a few days, Kenia invited us to come for lunch at her friends restaurant.  Kenia was helping her today because the restaurant is close to her house and she is a friend!!
We had fish taco's which were delicious.  Nice little out door space.

This afternoon we went by Sergio's and he had just arrived on his brand new motorcycle!!  If you remember a while ago he had an accident and wrecked his motorcycle and a group of us got a fund raiser going to help him buy a new one.  Insurance in Mexico is sort of hit and miss.  Well we raised enough to make it possible for him to use some of his funds and the donations to buy this awesome set of wheels.  It is big enough to carry his wife with him as well.  We joked that he could probably fit 6 people on it like others do!!!

Next plan was to go to Chacala to pick up Katherine who is Kenia's 4 year old niece.  She was at a birthday party for a 2 year old friend so we had to wait while it finished.  They were doing lots of games with really loud music.  Here they were doing Head and Shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!!! Bet you will be humming that for quite a while now!!

Kenia got involved in a game of pass the hoola hoop.  All the moms were involved in this one.

We finally got Katherine and off we went for home.

I did take a walk downtown in the evening and noticed again that there are no Purple Martins anywhere this year.  The last 2 times we were here, they would roost on these wires by the hundreds.  I wonder what has happened that they are not coming back here?  They did paint the building so maybe they used some repellant in the paint.  The birds did make an awful mess on this corner so maybe they wanted to move them along.   Off I went home and called it a day.  Good Nite!!

Friday 24 February 2023

A House Tour

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Well all good things must come to an end they say, but I don't agree.  Good things just change!  I'm talking about the fact that we had to leave Los Cocos and return to La Penita, which is what we call home in the winter.   All we did was change scenery but the good times kept on rolling.   One thing about the highway to and from San Blas, is that there are some areas of the highway that have large potholes.  Locals take their shovels and wheelbarrows and go out and put gravel and clay in the holes while one of them holds a plastic bucket for your change.  These people do not get paid to do this job. so they rely totally on tips.


We had a swim and a nap and it was time to go to Candice and Louis's new house.  We were invited for a pot luck and to tour the new digs.  When we arrived we were blown away by the house.  It is gorgeous and perfect for them.  We had an awesome evening playing games and eating and chatting.  They had invited a lot of the people that were in the RV park last year with them.

The previous owners of the house who were a prominent local family, commissioned a painting for the entrance room featuring their daughter.  Apparently the daughter didn't care for the picture, so it was left with the house.  Louis and Candice named it the "Mexican Girl".  It  is about 20 ft long and 4 ft wide.

Just before we left we got a picture of the group.  Notice Willy, the dog, giving Louis a big sloppy kiss!!  It was a great night and thanks for sharing your house with us Candice Louis and Journey.  Good Nite!!

Thursday 23 February 2023

A Century of Birthdays!!

WHERE ARE WE? Los Cocos near San Blas, Mexico

A beautiful sunny day today here at Los Cocos.  I will have the opportunity to just chill today because Sue went to Tepic with Suzanne and Poncho to do some shopping and things.  Jackie is leaving this morning to fly back to Calgary to tend to family things, so that leaves Robert and I to do what we please.  First plan of attack was breakfast at the restaurant next door.  This is the first American style breakfast I have had since coming to Mexico, (other than if we make it at home).  Pancakes and eggs.  Mmmmmm

Then back to explore the yard at Robert and Suzanne's.  Very picturesque but they tell me it is still being worked on.  They have a great pool for doing laps, except I don't do laps!!!!

Great day of just relaxing.  Remember we are on vacation from our vacation!!!  The girls arrived back in late afternoon and we all headed down to the beach for sunset.

.  After sunset we headed in for a rousing game of pool. My goodness we are all pretty bad shots. 

Alan and Thea took the paddle boat for a few laps in the pool.  What a great idea to put a paddle boat in there.

Then a lovely meal to celebrate Robert and Alan's Birthdays.  Between them they are 100 years old today.  They both had lots of gifts to open!!  Happy Birthday Guys!!  We had an awesome day so it was off to bed for us. Good Nite!!!