Saturday 4 February 2023

3 Jobs on My List Today

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Its a big day today because we had 2 jobs to get done today.  Well actually we had 3!!   The first job was to go to PV and pickup Sue who was flying in from Winnipeg today.  She is flying Swoop and we had no problem with this airline although other people had some horror stories.  Everything was almost on time so far or reasonably close to on time.  She is scheduled at 3:20 PV time and she left Wpg on time.  We had some guests staying in the suites who needed to get to Bucerias today so I offered to take them because I was going that way anyway.  One of the problems was that they had lots of luggage and I had already agreed to take Oscar with me to the airport.  So we had to stuff the Jeep but we managed to get everyone and everything all in and off we went.

We got there in jig time and dropped them off at their hotel.  One thing I notices was on the street by their hotel there was lots of people walking on the street, all of them gringo's!!!  I can't believe that people come to Mexico to mingle with only their own kind.  What a loss for them that they will not experience the true Mexican culture.  Oh well. 

We got to the airport and Sues plane was on schedule.  Oscar watched a lot of planes landing from a small hole in the smoked glass on the observation side.  

It did take her a long time to get through customs because a lot of planes came in about the same time, plus in Mexico nobody gets in a hurry.  I am glad to have her home!!!

We grabbed Sue and headed back to La Penita because we have another job!!!  Well not really a job but more like an honor.  For the record, we will call it job #2.  We have been invited to Karen's 15 birthday.  "Fiesta de quinceanera" is what it is called in Mexico.  We thought it would be some supper and cake and open some presents like we do in Canada.  NOOOO not even close.  We arrived at the RV Park on the hill to a massively decorated pool area and a decor that would rival any wedding setting.  Karen was sitting in a throne and welcoming guests to have a picture with her.

Well about then we knew we were in for a treat Mexican style.  Wow.  After some pictures we all were invited to participate in a huge taco meal and we got to sit with some of our previous RV Park friends. (I have to be careful not to call anyone an old friend cause we are all old, except for the ladies!!!!)

Oscar was glad to have "mom Suz" back again cause he kept cruising by for a hug.  

After supper some more pictures with family.

Abuela Tina

Madre (Mom) Ceci

Hermana (Sister) Litzy

Amiga Ada

And the whole family gathered for a picture.  This is the family we have become a part of over a few years and we are pleased to be considered family and included in everything they do.

Karen has many people in her life and lots of them are snowbirds from the park.  Sue and I are honoured to have known her for 4 years now through Tina's family.  Today we saw her emerge from a child to an adult and a beautiful one at that.  Len and Judith are considered her grandparents and have been for many years.  Len gave a touching speech later in the evening.   Karin and JoLynn are godparents I think and have been close to Karen for years as well.  They along with Judith were involved in the ceremony that followed by changing Karins shoes from those of a child to those of an adult and Karin presented Karen with her last doll signifying her move to adulthood.  There was lots of traditional dancing and choreographed stuff which was very interesting to watch.  At the end everyone danced and had a good time.  I even danced, if that shows how good it was.  Congratulations Karen on your passage to adulthood!!!  Pictures of the ceremonies did not happen because our phones ran out of charge.  I'm kinda glad they did, because we got the opportunity to enjoy the goings on without distraction.

Oh and there was cake.  Did I ever tell you I love cake!!!

I have to mention our friends George and Henny who would have been here except they are at a wedding in India right now and have been sharing the 5 day ceremony on Facebook with all of us. They have been having the time of their lives there, but I think our celebration here with Karen holds a close second with what you guys have been experiencing!!!  The Mexicans know how to throw a party too!!!

So I had mentioned that I had 3 jobs today and I have told you about 2 of them.  The third is a little embarrassing but of course Sue had to tell EVERYONE about it. LoL.  This morning before Sue got on her plane, she texted me to ask me to get a card for Karen.  Of course we would put a little cash in there because buying a 15 year old a gift to their liking would be next to impossible.  Well guess what?  I forgot to get a card..... The only job I had to do on my own and I forgot!!!  Oh wow.  And we were late for the party so no time to go down town to buy one.  I lost SO many brownie points, it will take months to recover??   But your know what?  As I tucked some pesos into Karens hand while congratulating her, she smiled at me in a way like she knew I had shirked my duty.  I'm certain she was happy with the result more than worrying about the delivery method!!!!  Our friend Brian wouldn't let me forget it all evening!!!! LOL  Good Nite and Congratulations Karen!!


  1. Such a beautiful young lady. Congratulations Karen! Welcome home Sue. Lorne you can always slip another few pesos into a card and deliver a little later. It would be even more special because you made the effort even afterward.


  2. Welcome home Sue!
    Happy Birthday Karen. What a beautiful party for a beautiful young lady. I love the tradition of giving one last doll. 💗

  3. Beautiful young lady, congratulations


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