Friday, 26 November 2021

A Little Fix Job.

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA, Quartzite, AZ.

This morning Sue and I headed to town to get some things for the fridge vent replacement project.  It's a great day to work on some things.  It's going to be a nice warm 24C which is the temperature we seek out.  Things are starting to get busier here in South La Posa.   Lots of people coming and going and the empty spots along the road are starting to fill in.  

We noticed a "Bird" set up down from us.  I had to take a picture for our friends Ed and Lessie.  Their Bird is named "Roundtuit" and this one is named "Pretty Penny".  Most Blue Bird Wanderlodges have names which are unique and they keep records of all the names.  This one was sporting a pretty nice solar array. 

 We were just coming to the front gate of the LTVA when I spotted a familiar Motorhome.  It was the "Stinger B"!!!  Tom and Deb are blogger friends we have met a few times before but only for short times.  It is interesting that we feel we know them quite well because of reading their blog Celebrating the Dance.  We hope to get to know them a little better while they spend some time here in South La Posa.  For today we will give them time to settle in just down the road from us.

We chatted for a while and then headed into town to RV Lifestyles to get the new fridge vent.  They had what we needed so we were home in jig time.   I crawled up on the roof and got busy taking the old one off and replacing it with a new shiny one!!!  The old one was in pretty rough shape.  The ends were gone and the screen on the top was completely missing.

The cover went back on and the job was done.  I was thinking that this job would have cost somewhere between $200 and $300 in an RV shop and the only cost I incurred was $13.95.  Not a bad saving.

While I was up on the roof, I had a look at the air conditioner cover that is old and broken.  With all of these things being over 20 years old, the plastic is getting brittle and breaking.  Not only that, the air conditioners have seen better days as well so when we checked and they told us a new cover is $175.00, I am thinking I can find a cheaper solution.  Stay tuned!!  I will figure something out.

After the project we had a little happy hour. 

The afternoon happy hour turned into a bonfire complete with hot dogs and schmores!!!

Pat had some magic fire to make the bonfire all pretty colours.  

There is nothing more mesmerizing than a fire.  Add to that the pretty colours and Harold sums up what a fire is all about.  There are many deep thoughts around a bonfire.  Deep thoughts are good for the soul.

 That was our day.  Hope you had a good one too.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Thanksgiving Day

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA Quartzite AZ

Another of those days with not much on the list to accomplish.  It is Thanksgiving here in the USA and we wish all our American friends a Happy Thanksgiving.  We had agreed to do morning Happy Hour with Bill and Patsy and John and Gayle so about 10 we grabbed our coffee and a couple of chairs and headed over to their camp.  We had a great morning chatting and playing with their dog Gibbs.  I forgot to take a picture just because thats what I am good at.....forgetting!!

P & H and Chuck and Angie headed out to do an early Thanksgiving dinner in Quartzite.  Sue and I decided that we would pass and instead we will be doing a chicken dinner with Evie, who is still here with us.  We got to babysit Murphy while they were gone and he was fun to play with.  While I was waiting for supper time to roll around, I decided to go for a tank of water in the Jeep.  We are getting a little low in the fresh water tank.  Because I was just putting in time, I went for a long drive around to see what kind of RV's there are out here in the desert.  It seems like out here there are some pretty ingenious RVers with all kinds of ways to camp or live.  They start with the small basic existence, to the great big "I got lots of money" units.

And of course, the traditional schoolie!  Most schoolie people have some sort of artistic ability, but this one was obviously done with only some cheap paint and a brush.  

This one actually has some colour to it.  Not a super design but colourful none the less.

And some like to fix up the tool van.  It works if you need a shop as well as living quarters.  Our friend Brian Boone has a converted horse trailer which is a nice living quarters with a shop in the back.  He is the solar guy and uses it in his solar installs.

This guy has need for an auto body shop.  I wonder what he hit to do this damage.  

And then the ones that need a highway tractor to pull their 5er.  Lots of cash tied up here.

Of course a few people are starting to get in the Christmas spirit.  That reminds me, Sue asked me to get out our Christmas stuff the other day.  Now I have a project for tomorrow!!

Enough with driving around the desert, time to get back to work hauling water.  The water station wasn't very busy today so it only took a minute to fill up.

By the time I got the water unloaded I could start to smell the chicken cooking.  Supper will be about 4:30 Sue said.  Evie came over and brought some delicious stuffing to go with the chicken and potatoes.  Awesome supper and my tummy is full.  

We finished supper off with a fine strawberry rhubarb pie.  BURP!!

I finish off tonight with a little riddle.  Can you figure it out!!!  

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Waiting for a Better Day.

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA, Quartzite, AZ 

A little cooler day today with the term "cooler" being a relevant term.  10C or so this morning and by the time we got outside it was still a chilly 15C.  Sorry my northern friends but we freeze at these temperatures!
We did sit around and chat for a bit and then Harold and I decided to do some more on his solar installation.  Today we needed to install the twisted pair to the IPN remote, run the cables from the terminal block to the controller and back to the batteries, install the shunt, OFF/ON switch from the solar panels and mount and wire the controller.   Sounds like a lot of fun right?  Well actually it was. We only worked for a couple hours before it was done.

We are getting down to just waiting on the panels.  All the while we were working, the wind was increasing to the point where the sand was starting to blow.  I could only imagine what a wind like this would be like in the middle of the summer when it is 120F!!  

Rather than do any more, Harold and I went to town to check out a few stores.  KB Tool still exists so we wandered around there for a while.  Lots of the shops are opening up along Kuhn Street in anticipation of the big RV show in January.  It's nice to get an idea of all the things they have in each one, because they are like the RV hardware stores around here.  We didn't buy anything except some firewood.  We hope to have a couple fires in the future.

If you are in the Quartzite area and are in need of firewood go see "Good Guys Firewood" on Kuhn Street just west of the junction of 95 Highway.  I never got their names but they are good ole boys from the country just trying to make a living. 

That was about all we did today.  The wind blew until dark and by then the temperature was starting to drop again.  Sue and I hunkered down in the Ponderosa for the rest of the evening.  Sue cooked up a yummy supper and we topped it off with some trifle.  Life is good.

I saw this today and thought of someone who may need this to help them in a struggle they are having.  I wish everyone wind in their sails.

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

More Friends Arrive!

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA Quartzite, AZ 

This morning we got a text from Kyra telling us that her friend Evelyn will be dropping by Quartzite for a few days.  It wasn't long and we saw her coming down the road.  She got situated and joined us in our extra long happy hour.   Happy Hour ran from 9 am until about 5 pm.  It was like a come and go tea!!  We are happy to have her join our little group for a few days.

While the extended happy hour was going on, Harold, Chuck and I headed off to work on some of our projects.  Harold and I worked on some more of his solar because he got the controller and remote delivered today.  First we had to find a good spot for the remote read out and then drill some holes to get all the wiring to the right place.  X marks the spot!

We ran the remote wire along side of the soon to be hooked up solar wires. It was an easy spot to get at.  We will hide all the wires and fasten them in place when we finish up the project but for now they are hanging loose in case we need to have more or less wire for the panels.

We cut the hole and mounted the remote in a nice spot on the side of the kitchen cupboard.  It will be easy to see.

After that was in place we mounted the controller in a nice spot under the stairs.  Maybe tomorrow we will have another look at hiding it in the battery box somewhere but I think this spot will work best.

About 2 o'clock we decided that we had worked for a good solid hour and a half and our collective agreement says that is the limit for one day.  We didn't want to break any rules so we headed off to join the happy hour once again.  Maybe I should qualify the fact that our happy hours don't involve alcohol until late afternoon but they are still happy.  It wasn't long and we saw Gayle and John coming over to join us.  I got up to welcome them when out from behind the motorhome popped none other than our blogging buddies and friends, Bill and Patsy.  They had decided at last minute to come spend time in Q with Gayle and John!!  What an awesome surprise.  We had been hoping to meet up with them and meet Gibbs, their new dog.  He is a cutie!!  So we spent an hour or so with the four of them and hope we can spend some more time together while they are here.  You can check them out at Chillin' with Patsy and On Our Way which are the blogs they write.  By the way, thank you for looking at the camera today Gayle!!  LOL

Earlier in the afternoon Chuck and Angie and Pat and Harold went into town to check out Alaska Dan (Dan Leperance) at a Mexican food joint called Gringo's.  Dan is the singer that we saw a few days ago at the Beatles tribute concert.  I was impressed with his guitar playing and wanted to see him again and it so happens he is at Gringo's every Tuesday and Friday from 3 to 6 or so.  After our happy hour broke up, Sue and I decided to head in to catch the tail end of his performance.  It was kind of like an intimate performance in that there was the 6 of us and one other couple there, so we got lots of requests in and got to interact lots with him.  I'm sure the place will be packed in a couple weeks when everyone starts gearing up for the RV show.

He is a good performer and can sure make the guitar sing.  He will be there all winter I think so if you are in Q, check him out.  They have great Taco specials too and they are yummy!!  We will be back.

So a lot happened today and we loved every minute of it.  We can only wonder what tomorrow will bring.  We are constantly being reminded that we are getting closer to heading into Mexico.  Kenia sent us some pictures of her food and Julie and Steve and Kerry and Tracy posted a picture of them visiting her restaurant.  I hope they don't mind that I stole them!! We are looking forward to seeing all of them next month and trying some of that great food.


Life is about the people you surround yourself with and my gosh we have a great group in our lives and everyday is an opportunity to add to that list.  We hope everyone feels the same.