Saturday 4 December 2021

A Trip to the Market

WHERE ARE WE? Araz Junction, Yuma, AZ 

Our plan was to do the Arizona Market in Yuma today.  We wanted to be heading over there by 9 am so for Sue and me, it was necessary for us to set the alarm on our phones.  Now where we are camped, we are almost directly on top of the Pacific/Mountain time zone, but we have decided to do everything based on Arizona, (Mountain) time.  So, when we went to bed our phones were showing Pacific time, so I set my alarm for 7 am which would actually be 8 am in Arizona.  Well sometime in the night the phone wiggled or something and changed back to Arizona time and when our alarm went off, it was still dark.  Oh well we thought as we yawned and started to roll out of bed.  About that time Sue says, something is not right!  And she was right.  We were getting up at the equivalent of 6 am Arizona time!!!  I was back asleep in about 3 seconds and had an awesome hour more sleep!!   Anyway, we went to the Arizona Market this morning.

It is not very busy right now.  I guess a lot of people are still hesitant to hang out in crowds.  

We saw a lot of Canadian snowbirds who have just arrived in the southwest.  How can we tell?  First, they are as white as the driven snow, and second, they are almost the only people wearing a mask.  I saw this couple again about 10 minutes later and the masks were supporting their second chins.

This guy was taking a break to try to catch his breath and didn't want the wife to catch him with it off, so he thought if he sat at a table maybe that was a better place to breath than standing up!!  See the white legs??

This guy had already ditched the mask.  The string was hanging out his pocket.  And once again, the legs told the story!!  2 years with no sun!!!  

They had a mini golf there so I thought maybe I could get some ideas for CJ's Mini Golf.  Not!!  I would doubt anyone plays this one.  

I have no idea what the significance of the pirate ship is, but it was here.  It had a door to go inside but a sign said stay out!!

When lunch time rolled around, we decided to grab a burger and listen to the music.  They always have some sort of entertainment at the food court and today was no different.  Not a bad band.

Well once I got fed it was time to shop.  I had fun shopping.  First stop was for some suspenders!!!  Do I need them yet?  Not yet but soon!

Then to the Hat store!!  My shadow says I need a BIG HAT!!!  

I kinda like the pink one!!  Real men wear pink they say.

Nope, I'm not going fishing anytime soon.

And I'm a poor imitation of the Godfather!!

And I never was much good on a horse. 

And they just get bigger!

And bigger!!

And BIGGER!!!!!

Ok that was enough.  Sue sent me home with Harold to get out of her hair.  No hat for me today!!  Shucks, now I will have to have a nap!!!  On the way home we checked out the Romaine Lettuce harvest and some field work.  Farm work here is labour intensive and if you stop to watch you will hear the music blaring.  They love to work with music in the fields. 

On the way we discovered Old Yuma.  It looks quite interesting so we may have to go back there tomorrow and get some pictures.

Well that pretty much sums up our day.  And yes, I did work in a nap in the afternoon.  The evening was spent..............(I can't tell you until tomorrow what we spent our evening doing.)  Have a great night and now I'm sure you will be back tomorrow.


  1. The first (& 2nd, & 3rd etc) visits to the Arizona Market are always fun. I look at the hats too but really don't need any more. The price is so good, it's hard to resist. Anything but the pink, ok?
    Funny about the white legs and masks.

  2. Yuma is my hometown. I refuse the words "old Yuma ". To me it will always be downtown Yuma....just downtown. Elva Shannon

    1. It is a very interesting looking place. The parts I saw were not what I would call old but rather patio style pubs and eateries etc.

  3. Yuma is home to me, even tho I moved away right after graduation from YHS (Go Criminals!) in 1972.

  4. Oh, yeah...I recognize the water towers on 16th Street, the Ocean to Ocean Bridge alongside the railroad bridge at the Territorial Prison and the San Carlos hotel. Thanks for the memories!


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