Saturday, 11 December 2021

Archie Gets a Makeover.

WHERE ARE WE? Snyder Hill BLM, Tucson, AZ

Woops!!!  I forgot to post to my blog last night.  Actually, I just got lazy and forgot about it.  Oh well, let's do a catch up.  As usual we had morning happy hour.  The mornings are a little cool here now cause its winter time!!  Harold said we were down around 5C this morning.

We had an appointment at a groomer for Archie this morning.  Yes, we have decided that his name will be "Archie".   So off we went up the road to a neat little groomer lady.  We checked him in at 11:30 and she said it would be a couple hours.

We had time to kill so we headed up the road to Old Tucson.  I had been by there yesterday but I wanted to show Sue the road through the mountain.

What a road it was.  Narrow and lots of ups and downs, the type of ups and downs that make your stomach head for your mouth.  When we got there a sign showed us that it was closed.  Apparently Covid got it, and it couldn't recover.  Supposedly the county is tendering out the operation of it as we speak so that is good news.  Old Tucson is a place kind of like Tombstone and attracts lots of movie shoots.  We couldn't get in so no pictures.

We carried on up the road heading over Gates Pass toward Tucson.  Nice little mountain road that wound up the side of the mountain.

Up at the top of the mountain was a lookout point.  Some great view from here. 

There were some young guys there doing some mountain climbing with their RC jeeps.  Very realistic the way they climbed over the rocks.  They were heading up a long trail.

On the other side of the mountain, we headed to an O'Reilly's Auto store.  I was searching for a Battery disconnect switch to install on the motorhome.  With the decline in the storage abilities of our house batteries, I want to be able to manually separate the chassis batteries from the house batteries.  Long story, just go with me.  Anyway, I got the disconnect switch and headed back to pick up Archie.

We arrived back at the groomer just as the phone rang.  It was her telling us that Archie was ready for pickup.  In we went.  OMG he was like a new dog!!  All the tough wire hair was gone and he was so soft. 

He was happy to head for home.  A quick picture before we loaded up in the Jeep.

Here is a before picture.

And an after picture.

He is a cute one, but sometimes he is trying our patience. He got ahold of this box and didn't quit until it was ripped to shreds.  And yes, we let him do it.  He had a great time doing it.  Hope you had a great day.

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  1. Better the box than the chair or something! Cooper also loves boxes so maybe they’ll be easily entertained together at the shack lol


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