Wednesday, 29 December 2021

A Swim in the Ocean

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We lazed about for the first part of the day today.  I went and got some propane, had a visit with Sergio, and then another visit with Kenia before heading home for a nap.  Kenia told me that her and Oscar might be coming over later to swim in the ocean.  That will make for an interesting afternoon.  About 2:30 they showed up.  Kenia brought her friend Alejandra too.  We grabbed out chairs and the boogie board and headed out to the beach in front of our resort. 

Oscar and I headed out into the ocean for a swim.  It was a nice easy day in the water because there were no breakers to fight, just a nice little swell to float up and down on.

We have a guy that flies an ultralight parachute past almost every day.  Today we were fortunate enough to be in the water and we waved at him and he swooped right down within about 6 feet of our heads.  He looks like he has so much fun.  I'm sure we will see lots more of him this winter.

We got all dried off and decided to go for a walk up to the back gate of the big RV Park on the hill to see what may have changed.  Got a quick snap of the sunset on the way out.  

We got to the old gate and saw what has been going on since we were here 2 years ago.  There was a lot of cement work happening at that time, but it looked pretty primitive.  Well there is nothing primitive about what is there now.  Wow!!!  There is a really posh looking resort there now. 

I took a picture through the front door.  There is even a waterfall up in the back.

I will have to go back another day to investigate this more.  I don't think they are quite finished yet because the lower level still needs a lot of work.  We walked back down our streets and although the resort is fancy, there is not a feel of Mexico like there is in the back streets.   This is the culture we come looking for, not the bright shiny stuff.

I love some of the flowers that just grow because they can.  They are on bushes and weeds and just everywhere.  This particular one has wee tiny white flowers on the inside of it.

Our park is beginning to get crowded. We have some families here just for the holidays and they will be leaving soon but right now it is busy.  They need to be busy to make up for last year when there were not many people here.

We decided to head down to Kenia's El Cafecito for supper.  She is making Pina Pollo  (Pinapple Chicken Wings) again tonight so that's what Sue and I had.  Pat and Harold had the BBQ chicken wings and cheesecake.  Its was all quite tasty.

Kenia has a very small area to cook but she does a great job of turning out the tasty food.  She is a natural with a bit of abuela's training.  She hopes to get a bigger place when she builds her business up more.

 She has a very interesting painting hanging on her wall that a friend did for her.  It is about 6 ft by 4 ft and has a lot of interesting colours. 

Well that was the end to our day.  We went home to play with Archie for a while.  Archie still needs a lot of work to make him into the perfect travelling dog.  But he sure has a cute face!!!  Goodnight.


  1. I love your Mexican stories, it sounds like you are truly immersed in the Mexican life style ... a great experience and great stories! I look forward to each and every day of blog stories.

  2. Replies
    1. It cost me 220 pesos for the 20 lb bottle so using $6 as conversion that would be about 13.50 Cnd.

  3. Is the water warm? I like how you're enjoying Mexico for those of us staying this side of the border.

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  5. Beautiful flowers and it must be warm. Not so much here. Amazing how industries Mexicans can do so much with so little. Enjoy.

  6. Oh. That painting looks like one those where they throw colors at the canvas. And have a fun New Years celebration tonight Mexican style.

  7. Mexicans can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!! Feliz Ano Nuevo!!


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