Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Day One of Our Mexican Trip

WHERE ARE WE? Punta Vista RV Park, Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico 

After a noisy sleep in the Rest Area with trucks all around us we hit the road shortly after 8 am.  Within 1/2 hour we were at the Mexican Border at Mariposa Truck Crossing.  They waved us through at the border and we drove another 5 kms or so and arrived at the inspection area.  A quick look in the Jeep and they waved us through.  The other 2 rigs with us got the wave after a quick inspection of their units. Then it was on to the old KM 21 which is now KM 257.   Actually, it is more like KM 256.  There were not a lot of people there when we got there.  

We got in the lineup for our FMM.  There were probably a dozen people ahead of us and it took a little over an hour to get processed.  Nobody gets in a hurry around here.

Then another hour and a half to get our TIP.  All in all, we were here 4 hours just getting everyone's paperwork completed.  We were in no hurry because we only had 150 Kms to go today.  We got back on the road by 2:30. Nice Mexican scenery along the way.

We had a bit of construction but all in all the roads were in good shape.

It wasn't long and we saw the sign for Santa Ana where we will be staying for the night.  It is a nice little RV park called Punta Vista RV Park.  Dora and her brother Luis and her son run it and they appreciate all the business they can get.  Being so close to the border, they dont get a lot of business I dont think.

We got all parked up for the night before getting together and meeting some new people.

We met a couple from England who are touring Mexico, the USA, and Canada.  They are on their way to spend some time in the Baja.  Steve and Tobi have some great stories that they shared with us.  They also have a blog which I will look up and put a link on my sidebar later.  We took some time for a drink before making plans for supper.

While I was enjoying a Cervasa, I notice what is a familiar site in Mexico.  The heavily armed guards in the back of a pickup truck.  Sometimes they are used to protect fuel shipments.  These guys just seemed to be putting in time.

So, we headed off for supper at Elba's.  Not spectacular food but good.  

I guess it is time to introduce everyone.  We took a photo at supper of everyone.  From left to right around the table are Steve and Tobi who are from England and touring North America.  Steve is interesting to talk to as his job, until he hit the road, was with a mechanical support team for Mercedes Benz engines that are being used in big name race cars all over the world.  He has travelled the world over doing his job and has worked with a lot of big-name race teams.  I didn't hear what Tobi did but I'm sure it was an interesting career as well.  Due to lots of circumstances, they sold their home and bought a truck camper, shipped it to America, and they are living the dream on the road.  We invited them to visit us in Canada next summer for Ice Cream, when they are there. Next is Bev and her husband Craig who is sitting between Sue and Harold.   They are from the Denver area, Golden to be exact and are driving to Mexico for the first time.  Bev was on a Facebook RV site looking for someone to partner with for the trip down, and the dates worked with our schedule, so I contacted her, and they decided to travel with us.  They are going a little farther than us, down to Lo De Marcos.  They still have a house but are certainly interested in our lifestyle without one.   They are fun to travel with.  Then it's just the rest of us enjoying life.  Pat at the far end and Harold at this end.  And then one of the pretty ladies, Sue of course.

While we were having supper, we witnessed an awesome sunset out the window.

We had a great supper and headed home.  Guess who we found parked beside us??  Yup its George and Henny!!  They are heading to La Penita as well and may travel with us tomorrow.  We always enjoy time with them.

We all grabbed a refreshment and headed over to the patio for some music and chatter.  Craig is quite the guitar player and singer and shared his talents with us.  Nothing nicer than some music on a patio.  We need to talk him into coming to Canada next summer and playing at our "Music in the Park" on a Saturday night.  

That was it for our day.  We have our first day in Mexico under our belts.  We met some awesome people over the last couple days.  I am always amazed at how many friends we have out there just waiting to be met.  We hope we will run into Steve and Tobi another day in another place.  Safe travels.

“I love meeting new people; I think everyone has a story to tell. We should all listen sometimes.” – Kim Smith


  1. A perfect first day. I think you attract people to your circle simply because you genuinely enjoy people and life and it comes across in each post. It is comforting knowing one is always welcome to join you and share a few happy hours in the company of ‘family’ because that is how make people feel, like family. Stay safe.

  2. Love this blog, like to keep track of steve and tobi too

  3. Hola amigos. Looks like a good start to the next couple of months.

  4. I love the fulltime lifestyle. We met so many more people then in stix and bricks. I still haven't seen my neighbors in the apartment. They're a whole lot younger though. lol Have fun I'm going along too.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful first day of your trip. Continued safe travels.

  6. Glad all went perfectly on your first day traveling. Great that you're meeting old friends and new. Enjoy!

  7. Great to see your crossing was easy. You two are old hats at it now. 😊


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