Saturday 18 December 2021

A Relax Day in Mazatlan

WHERE ARE WE? Mazatlan, Mexico 

A nice morning for coffee on the beach.  This is what we came to Mexico for.  The weather was perfect with a nice ocean breeze blowing.

There were a couple fishermen out this morning trying to catch some lunch.  The first guy had a cast net.  I love how it makes a perfect circle before hitting the water.  He was having no luck.

The second guy had 2 fish on a stringer but had no luck in front of us either.  He just drags them along down the beach in the sand.  Hope he shares lunch with the other guy.

Our neighbour across the street is an interesting guy.  I am sure he has a bad case of OCD because he likes to keep the sand on the road and in front of his motorhome all neatly raked.  Yesterday when we were backing in, we disturbed a couple of coconuts along the border of the center island.  He didn't wait 3 minutes before he was out and put them back in line.  I was planning on fixing them, but I didn't get time before he was done.

We are heading downtown today to meet up with Dave Oakey and listen to some music at Macaws where he plays on a regular basis.  We headed downtown about 3:30 in a red truck taxi (Taxi de camion rojo)  It is about 17 kms from our park to where we were going.  250 pesos for 8 or us going one way.   Thats like 15 Cnd dollars.  We had a lot of fun riding in the back of the truck.

We went by the Mazatlan sign on the way there.  

When we got there, we had lots of time to kill, so we checked out the Malecon for a while.  There was a neat ocean level swimming pool which apparently gets quite warm in the afternoon sun.  There were some kids having a great time in it.

There was an area that had designs in the concrete that made it look wavey, but it was really flat.  A true optical illusion.

There were some houses perched high on the cliff above the Malecon.  There was a bridge of some sort up there and the remnants of some kind of cave or mine below.  We liked to think it was a drug smuggling tunnel way back in the day.  Who knows?  Someone put a gate over it and named it the Gates of Hell!!!  Interesting.

We climbed up to a lookout point and got a few pictures of the street and Malacon looking both directions.

We stopped to check out the Beatles.  Apparently, someone with some cash donated the statues to the bar that has the Beatles music.  They even had the yellow submarine.

Supper at Macaw's was great.  They had a Southern Fried Chicken special, and it was really tasty. If you ever in Mazatlan, check them out.   

Tonight, we split up and did a boys table and a girls table. 

Another Rivers friend from the past Norm Richards was there so we got to chat with him as well.

Later on, another Rivers friend showed up.  Bruce McCulloh is staying in Mazatlan and joined us for a while tonight.

Our friend Dave Oakey gave us some good tunes as usual.  It was great to see him again.  He is the musician that has made our CJ's Saturday night "Music in the Park" famous.  We are glad he is planning to be with us again next summer.  He had a young lady by the name of Lola Parks singing as well.  I loved her voice and her changeup on some of the songs.  She is from B.C. so I told Dave to convince here she needs to stop by CJ's sometime and entertain us.  

We had a great day, took some selfies, got a few group pictures in downtown Mazatlan.  We are moving tomorrow so had to head home early.  Thanks for the entertainment!!!  

We saw another awesome sunset over the water.

We rode home in the Red Truck Taxi.  It was all decked out with lights and of course the Mexican music blaring!!!  All is good.  Harold provided "One for the Blog!!"

A Christmas joke to finish the evening.   Goodnight.


  1. Sounds like a fun day, and I loved the joke :-)

  2. Heaven forbid you disturb his coconuts! It takes all kinds to make the world go round, that is what makes life interesting! Mazatlan looks like a great place to spend the winter for sure.

  3. Nice picture of you and Sue! That was great

  4. Very busy day of relaxing 😀 It looks just beautiful on the beach and appears you two have sun tans already.

  5. The beach does look wonderful, easy to see why you love it.
    You are all having a great time, it is evident on your faces.
    Safe travels. Oh this is Monday so you have moved already.
    Have fun!


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