Wednesday 15 December 2021

Another Days Travels in Mexico

WHERE ARE WE? Totonaka RV Park, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico 
NEXT DESTINATION? Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico

Day 2 on the road in Mexico.  We really stretched our limits today by driving 307 kms after only going 150 kms or so.

When we got outside this morning, the people we met last night, Steve and Tobi were up to see us off.  Another gentleman that we met last night too was getting ready to leave as well.  Maybe we will see them in Canada next spring.

George and Henny said they would follow us in a while so we left them behind, preparing their breakfast.   We will meet again this afternoon.

The drive today was great, with a few rough spots but for the most part easy going.  The weather was perfect.

We arrived at Totonaka RV Park at about 2:30 in the afternoon and got all set up for the night.  The Park offers water (which was turned off shortly after we arrived), sewer, and electric (which was producing 135 volts so our Electrical Management System would not allow the power to pass through to the motorhome.  Oh well, that's just life in Mexico and we love it.  We are all parked up for the night.  Craig had to fix a leaky tire this afternoon, and Harold had to fix a battery connection.  

After the chores were all done, we planned to go across the street to a restaurant called Charlie Rocks for a good feed of seafood.  The restaurant is on the second level with and awesome view of the Sea of Cortez.

We got the traditional supper picture.  The waiter even got in on one of them.

Supper was great and some had piscado, while Bev had the lobster.  Her meal looked absolutely yummy.  She said it was good.

It was another great day travelling in Mexico.  We will be travelling about 400 kms further south tomorrow.  Our Archie was up to no good tonight.  He is really starting to feel like he is part of the family, I think.  He does have a lot of energy though.

I am already starting to do this. 


  1. That last quote is hilarious, I have to do the same thing or Dakota will continue to stare at me!

  2. You're making great time with some great food along the way. Beautiful shot of the Sea. Oh-oh, Archie. Can't blame Gibbs for teaching him, since they haven't met.

  3. So glad all is going great on your journey. Your place for the night by the Sea of Cortez looks magnificent.


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