Thursday 23 December 2021

Getting to Try Some Mexican Foods

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We went to the market for a bit this morning and then stopped at Kenia's restaurant for breakfast.  It got quite busy there so Momma Sue jumped in to help.  I think she had fun doing it.  Things are a little bit more cramped than she is used to at CJ's.  Its more like it used to be in the old shack.  What a great breakfast!!!  We are getting so spoiled.

I had mentioned yesterday that our internet left a bit to be desired.  Well to get good cell service, we use a booster, so today I put it about 12 feet up on a pole to get a better signal.  It boosted our cell phones from 1-2 bars to 3-4 bars but we still don't get good downloads.  We will figure it out.  I now know that I can sit in our front yard and get enough wifi to publish my posts.

I did lots of small chores today and about 4:30 we headed down to the palapa for Happy Hour.  We are going to try to make this our time everyday to get together if we can.  

While we were there, our local diver fisherman came in with his catch.  He had 4 nice lobsters which our neighbor immediately purchased for 200 pesos.  That's like 12 bucks Cnd.  Pretty good deal.

After we got done Happy Hour, I walked down to Kenia's El Cafecito to take back the Christmas lights we had used on the Jeep.  I put them back on the patio umbrella, but all the time I could smell this chicken cooking.  She asked if I wanted some and of course I did.  I had 3 pieces of chicken with Pineapple sauce.  The sauce had a nice bite to it and I'm thinking that this might be a new flavor for our CJ's Chicken Wings.  We could call it Pina Kicker sauce.  

Kenia's boyfriend, Josie showed up with some bananas.  He knows that I like them so he had picked some for me.  They are the small one's called Manzano Bananas or Apple Banana's.  They are only about 4 inches long and so tasty.  I will enjoy them.  

Then he had some Plantains and wanted to show me how to deep fry them.  He said the Blacker the Plantain, the better they are.  So he got busy and prepared me some deep fried plantain.  It was excellent.  It would be good with whipped cream on them too but he wanted me to experience the plain old plantain.  Thanks Josie!!!

We are sure enjoying our Mexican experience again.  I am finding myself understanding more Spanish, and I am able to speak the important words to get what I need.  I will slowly learn to put sentences together I'm sure, but that will take a while for an old guy like me.  The culture here is amazing and they are such a friendly people. We are blessed to have found this place and hope we can return many times.  


  1. That right there is one of the main reasons I would have a hard time down there. I would have a hard time finding something to eat as I have a hard time with Mexican food. Although, I could eat the lobster!

  2. I'm glad you are having such a great time. That's what life is all about.
    The food sounds wonderful although not too spicy for me, please. :)


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