Tuesday 21 December 2021

Some more Projects

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico 

Another gorgeous day here in Mexico.  That is one of the reasons we come.  The other reason is the people.   We have made some awesome friends here already.  Speaking of friends, we want to wish our friend Jeff all the best tomorrow and we will be thinking of you.  Beer on the deck when you get back.  The routine around here is kinda the same every morning.  Coffee and check out the ocean and then a nice swim to cool off.

Then some kind of a project gets underway.   It may get completed, it may not but oh well, manana!!!  Today I had to get out the Christmas decorations.  Low and behold, all we brought was a wee tiny Christmas tree and a light up Santa Claus.  Putting the lights on the tree will happen manana!!  The other project was to put up our privacy screen just to make our sitting area a little more defined.

After lunch Harold and I headed up town to drop off and pickup some laundry.  The laundry is within easy walking distance but we were in the Jeep anyway so we picked it up.  They wash, dry, fold and vacuum pack in plastic.  When you pick it up, it is still warm and smells sooooo good.  This much laundry was 154 pesos.  It was an overflowing laundry basket worth.

Then we headed over to the building supply store.  I needed to pick up about 8 meters of 3" sewer pipe.  I need it to connect to the sewer because with our long rig and the way we park it, it is a long way from the sewer.  I had bought a pipe the last time we were here but I guess it got used for something else in the 2 years we were gone.  Actually I found a short chunk of it with the 45 degree elbow on it which I needed today.  That is a project for manana!!!  Today we just had to get the 8 meter length home from the store.  Well lets see, do we need straps or red flags??  Nope, I got Harold to hold the pipe and I drove home.  Even the Mexicans were pointing and laughing.

Its not like we went on the interstate or anything, just our bumpy narrow little street.

And then it was siesta time!!  Yup a quick nap lead into checking out the sunset.  The sunsets are spectacular here and I will try not to bore you with them.  We like to have happy hour at sunset under the palapa.  Hopefully we can talk lots of people into joining us.

I took a little walk downtown after supper to get some milk and stuff.  The downtown is in the Christmas spirit and looks quite pretty.   I walked in the sand on the beach coming and going.  It feels so wonderful on the feet.

When I got back, Santa was there all lit up.  I should have got him up sooner but oh well, manana!!!

Our Archie is behaving better all the time.  This park is totally dog friendly and is completely fenced, so there are lots of dogs running free.  Everyone kinda picks up after all of them when they can and for the most part, none of them cause any grief.  Archie, being the little Eveready Bunny, just bounces and runs when we let him off the leash.  But today he was much better.  He has met most of the dogs and now he just explores and actually minded his own business.  Maybe after a couple weeks he will be able to run free with all the other dogs.  We like that he is being exposed to all kinds of dogs, and hopefully he will learn his place and we can trust him.  He is certainly fitting into our lifestyle quite well and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  He has a little ways to go, training wise, yet but he seems to have a heart of gold.

Another day in paradise.  We are loving every minute, but as we get closer to Christmas, we are missing our wee ones at home.  (And the big ones too!!!).  We get lots of videos and pictures of them in their music recitals and others all dressed up for the Christmas parties.  We will miss them all but we will survive.   Hope you have a great Christmas lined up.  Goodnite!!!


  1. Archie is so dang cute! So how the heck do you get IN to your site? Lol. With the gazebo thing it looks like you have to crawl under the slide! Also, that pic of Harold holding the pipe reminded me of us with the lumber….or the groceries….you really should show the world just how versatile that jeep really is! Lol. Love you both and miss you a TON! Xoxo

    1. We get in through the gazebo. Its bigger than it looks. We do some pretty spectacular things with that Jeep dont we. Love you and miss you guys too!!

  2. Sounds like quite the life down there! So beautiful and relaxing. Glad to see Archie is getting acclimated and enjoying life.

  3. Love the pictures, Harold with the pipe and Sue with the beach background. I'm envious of that for sure. Archie is such a cutie-pie! Good that you can trust him to be off leash, Gibbs will be happy to return home for that reason alone! :)
    Keep on having fun! The work can wait. Manana!


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