Friday, 24 December 2021

Christmas is Sneaking up on Us.

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Christmas has snuck up on us and its Christmas Eve.  In this part of Mexico, the main focus seems to be on dinner in the evening on Christmas Eve.  We went shopping today to pick up some things and the town was busy with lots of shoppers.  We didn't do much of anything that was interesting but I did see a couple things.  Here in Mexico the delivery boys all ride motorcycles.  Actually they start out on bicycles and move up to motorcycles.  

The next guy we saw was at the Bodega.  The Bodega is a mini Walmart and it was quite busy.  This guy bought a 30 pack of larger water bottles, a 30 pack of the larger coke bottles, and 12 - 1 liter bottles of coke and packed them all away in two backpacks and a onion sack.  He had the water on the gas tank in front of him, and one backpack hanging from the throttle side, and the onion sack hanging from the clutch side.  He didn't even hesitate, but rather weaved around cars in the parking lot and out onto the highway and away home.  Wow!  Only in Mexico!!

We've been having some problems with ants in the motorhome.  First they were large ants that invaded our cupboard where the honey and sugar were kept.  We were just getting that under control when a huge amount of wee little ants marched in.  Well we had to gear up our attack.  Pat had some good ant traps and we put out a couple of them.   They worked well in that there were hundreds of ants coming to it and then leaving, taking that poison back to where ever their nest was.  

I went outside and sprayed down the whole area with some stuff called Home Defense.  It seems to be the go to ant spray for ant problems in the southern USA and Mexico.  Anyway by after supper, the ants have disappeared.  That could mean it worked, or they simply went to bed.  We will see in the morning.

We do have one Christmas thing up.  I don't remember his name but I think it is Jose.  He is kind of a cute one.

We had our daily Happy Hour and observed another sunset.  Sorry but here it is.

Pat and Harold joined us for supper and then we took a walk downtown to get a Chirro.  The town is ready for Christmas and I caught a picture of Santa and the Reindeer up on a balcony.  

I found the Rice Pudding lady so I am a happy camper tonight.  She even had written a nice little Christmas message on them tonight.  

Our Perro Archie got his Christmas present early.  He loves to chase things so this may be a hit.

So like the rice pudding lady wrote, Feliz Navidad everyone.  Merry Christmas from our Casa to yours.  


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