Thursday 31 March 2022

Another Day in Mexico

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

The ocean changed overnight from quiet rolling waves to crashing surf.  We could hear it pounding in the night and knew it was changing.  I still marvel at all the power out there.

Jeff had used his creative skills to make a sign for us.  Our MH area kinda looks like a farm with the fence around it and our yard all turned into a sand pit.  But we love it here.  There is always a nice breeze and although its dusty, we never have to stay inside because of rain.

But if your looking for absolute beauty, you just have to look to the west at sunset.  We still have early sunsets because Mexico does not change to DST until April 2nd.  

I found this on good old Facebook and it brought me to thinking.  How many times has this happened to you.  I got to admit it happens to me lots, but us humans are a stubborn lot.  As long as we give in to the little people in the end life will be good.  Food for thought.  Goodnight!!

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Friends Leave and we do Laundry,

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We are losing park people here on a regular basis.  Serg and Galyn were heading out today.  They will be having a short drive today and then a couple longer days to get to the US.  See you next year.

Laundry day today.  We are so spoiled because all we do is drop off a bag of laundry and it comes back the same day or next day all folded and smelling nice.  

On my way downtown I saw Josie with his freshly washed truck.  Not bad job for 100 pesos.  

Another great day with a nice sunset.  Goodnight!

Tuesday 29 March 2022

A Couple Sniffles in the House

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

I had to go to Guayabitos to pick up some things this morning so Kenia and Katerine came along for the Jeep ride.  We of course had to stop at the bouncy car for a quick ride.

And I was hungry so a quick stop at Wanda's.  Wanda's is a Canadian place with Canadian type food.  It is neat to get some of the things we take for granted back home, but it is a little more like back home prices as well.  Well worth it!!!  Kenia had a loaded baked potato.  Katerine wanted fries and how could you resist a cute little girl like that from sharing your fries!!!

Well we have done really good down here for not getting sick up till now.  The old flu bug has finally hit us.  Sue went down today with a cough and sniffles.   Normal remedies were used for starters, but Kenia insisted that she has a concoction that will straighten a person out.  She got busy and started brewing something for Sue.  

Then she added a little bit of this!!!

And a bit of that!!

And some whatever its is!

Once it came to a boil there was more stuff into the caldron!!!

And finally some of this stuff!

Listo!!!! Ready.  Now she sent it home with me.. Included in the care package was a bacon sandwich and a chocolate, banana, strawberry smoothie.  Do you think Sue is a bit spoiled???  Naaaa!!!

The concoction was certainly powerful and had a kick to it.  I think it will fix her right up!!  Careful it is hot!!


But the sandwich hit the spot after nothing to eat all day.  Thanks Kenia for fixing her up.  I think she is on the mend.   Good night!

Monday 28 March 2022

Supper With Our Family

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today was the rain date for the family supper with our Mexican friends.  It is always fun to hang out with them.  Lots of really bad Spanish and English are to be found, but in the end the conversation gets said!!  And we think we understand for the most part.  We took some time to play with the kids and pose for a picture with Dante.  He is such a smiley kid.

The two youngest members of the family.

Kenia and I went out this morning and bought 3 kgs of shrimp which Ceci cooked up for us.  Some of the girls added rice and pasta and Pat brought veggies and Sue brought a salad. We had a feast fit for a King or Queen as the case may be.  (You can be whichever one you desire now a days!!)

After supper we got out the PiƱata and all of the kids beat on it until it broke.  There was a lot of candy inside.  They have a lot of fun and sing a little song as they beat on it.  

And it broke so all the kids scrambled for the candy.

Sue just had to play around with the head trying to scare the kids.

Oscar had asked us to bring the Jenga game so we did.  The kids had a lot of fun playing it and if they lost, they had to do a silly dance of some sort that Kenia played on her phone. 

We finished the evening off with a rousing game of LCR!!  If you have never played this game, you should.  It is a lot of fun.  We had about 20 people playing which was actually too many but still fun.  All you need is 3 coins for each round.  We used 2 peso coins.

And the big winner was......Abuela Tina!!  That was good because she will treat all of the kids with her winnings.  We chatted a bit more and then it was home time.  Good night!!

Sunday 27 March 2022

Volkswagon Festival in Guayabitos

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Oscar and I took a little trip today down the road to Guayabitos.  Its about 3 miles!!  They are having a Volkswagon Festival.  Kenia was already there and had secured us parking right inside the front gate.  She is good friends with all the policia around here so she gets special treatment.  She is also friends with the people who have a large lot right there so they saved me a spot.   Yup thats the yellow Jeep!!

And the policia dropped the barrier for me to pass.

Guayabitos is the tourist town around here.  If ever you are looking for an all inclusive in a quaint little town, check out Rincon Guayabitos.  But because it is a tourist town, it is busy all the time.  Festivals like this attract a lot of people from all around as well as the tourists.

They have some pretty sweet rides on display and I could see that Oscar was dreaming of one day having one of his own.   He was amazed how they could pump up the suspension with air.

Even a VW truck!

This was the only Carmen Gia I saw there.  This lady was doing some sort of professional photo shoot and wouldn't get out of the way so I just included her.  Could have been worse I guess!!!

Oscar and I took a little break from the show and wandered down to the beach to see what was going on.   Like I said, its a little crowded in this town and the beach is no exception.

We had a that weird red tideish thing here for a couple days and some of the eels are still washing up on shore.  Most of the locals don't really care and just work around them.   This one was about 4 ft long.

There were hundreds of VW's so it was hard not to take pictures of some of them at least.  This one was getting a good polish job from a super hero!!

Some of them were really modified.  I don't think this one was factory.

And of course Herbie the Love Bug!!  That was the first movie that I ever saw in a movie theater.  Do you remember it?

Big and little.

And a mini 2 seater bug.

For the evening we had invited Blair and Joanne and Pat and Harold to join us for supper at Sergio's restaurant Las Koritas. 

Sunday is always rib night so I indulged.  Wow!!  they were delicious.

Sergio is a great host and has become a friend of ours.  He is like the King of this whole street and knows where to find any resource you need at any time.  His smile is very genuine and can lift your spirits anytime you talk to him.  

Something that Mexicans like are grilled or fried Platinos.  I won't even get into what the difference is between platino and platino with a squiggly over the a!  These ones are quite chubby, and only good to eat if they are grilled or fried.  The blacker the better!!!

Had a fun day with Oscar and friends and now its time to go home to bed.  Goodnight!