Tuesday 1 March 2022

SUDS Awareness Month

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

The month of March is SUDS awareness month.  Almost 8 years ago our family lost a sweet little boy, suddenly, and with no explanation.  Losing a child in itself is bad enough on a parent, but losing a child suddenly and for no reason what so ever leaves the unending unanswerable question why?  Our grandson Clayton James was probably the happiest, most bubbly kids in our entire family and his life ended way too soon.  Everyone loved him unconditionally and we think of him often.  When we bought our ice cream business, we knew that all of our grandchildren would visit often for ice cream, so we thought about Clayton not having that opportunity, so decided to call the business CJ's so he would be here in name all the time.  We will always cherish the memory of his short life.

We had an awesome surprise this morning.  I was just getting up and I heard the familiar "toot toot" of the bread truck.  Sure enough, they have decided to come twice a week now because we are such good customers.  At least I didn't have to figure out what to have for breakfast because their pineapple turnovers are to die for!!

Today Poncho came down from Los Kokos to do some things around the park.  One of the things on his list was to fix the "Evacuation Route" as Normand called it.  A couple weeks ago they trimmed all the hedge along the exterior wall and when they did, a hole in the bushes appeared.  We have had some trouble a while ago with an intruder, so it was time to fix it.  

All of us RV'ers had all sorts of ideas how to fixt it which included everything from cement posts to fencing to decorative metal stuff.  Well when Poncho arrived he looked at it and reached down into the pile of trimmings which were still there and got a few nice sized sticks and wove them through the existing branches and boom.....fixed!!!  It would be classed a Mexican fix, but a good one none the less.

Speaking of the Mexican fixes, these guys were up 3 stories fastening a sun awning to the side of the building.  The scaffold was shaking and there was only one board to walk on.  Safety harness you say?  Not likely.  But they got it done.

The festival in town that started last Friday is winding down.  Today is Shrove Tuesday and they are having a big parade for that as well as the end of festival.  We headed downtown about 5 and met up with Kenia and picked a spot on the side of the road that would be good for viewing.

The vendors starting gathering and the guys on horses were riding around.  

A little dog kept bugging Emma trying to be her best friend!!

Finally Emma got to settle down and wait with the rest of us.  Tina and her sister, Diago and Oscar joined us before the parade started.

Kenia got a cotton candy and of course had to have the old red tongue picture.

The parade was quite nice and took about and hour and a half.

After the parade we all went for supper at a neat little restaurant on the Avenida.  I had the best Enchilada's I have had in a long time.

We topped the evening off with a quick walk down to the plaza where there were great throngs of people.  Tonight is the busiest night of the festival with lots of music, food and dancing.  It wasn't long and Kenia headed out with her friend Alejandra for a night on the town.

One of the games that I did not try was the tequila game.  You throw darts and if you hit the colored part you win a bottle of tequila!!  Tequila seems to be the prize of choice at the adult games.  We had a great time tonight and hope you enjoy seeing it from my camera.  Goodnight.

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  1. Wow. That was quite a festival. I really enjoyed all the pictures. Elva Shannon


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