Saturday 12 March 2022

Meeting a Blog Reader and Supper Out

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Like most everyday, I took a little walk downtown for some exercise.  I stopped by to say hi to Kenia and she was still working on some paintings.  Her friend Aster dropped by for lunch so he and I had a nice chat.  He is an English teacher from England who has moved here to work.  I decided to have lunch as well so had the famous bacon sandwich.  

We noticed a book on the shelf and had to laugh that someone had given Kenia an atlas to find out all about Canada.  We went through it with her and showed her where we live in Manitoba.

After lunch I was summoned to the door to meet a gentleman.   He introduced himself as Tony Dixon and he lives here in La Penita way up on the hill for 6 months every winter.  He reads Kevin and Ruth's Blog and because A Place Called Away is on their sidebar, he started reading our blog as well when we came to La Penita a couple years ago.  Tony knows the area quite well and shared with us a few back road trips we may want to go on.  If it works out, I will pick him up one day and we can go explore.  Thanks for dropping by Tony.  It's always nice to know that someone is following along.

Later on Journey and Oscar dropped by to do some painting with Sue and to play some video games.  The two of them get along sooo good and Journey knows enough Spanish that they can communicate very well.

Later in the afternoon a bunch of us headed over to Tina's side of town to have Pezole.   This is a fundraiser for their church so we are happy to contribute.  Fred and Carol, Pat and Harold, Journey, Kenia, Tina, George and Henny and Sue and I all had a lovely supper there.  

George made a lot of friends by taking all of the kids for a Jeep ride.  They sure loved it!!!  At first the kids wondered why George was driving my Jeep, but then they realized that it is not my Jeep but rather an exact copy of mine.  

After supper we wandered over to Tina's yard where she was getting the Birria ready for tomorrow.  She has 2 big pots and will let them simmer on the fire all night and then serve up the Birria tomorrow morning.  I will still be full from tonight so probably won't go.  

We headed for home via the downtown where we snuck a chirro into our mouths as dessert.   I am noticing that the purple martins are not as plentiful at their night resting spot, so that must mean some of them have started their migration north as well.   I headed off to my roost as well so Goodnight!!


  1. Those kids are sure going to miss you when you leave!

  2. Nice of Tony to stop by. Hi Tony!

  3. Looks like another great day of visits and food!! Perfect vacation!

  4. Always great to meet mere friends and blog readers to boot!!
    What the heck are birrias?


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