Saturday 26 March 2022

Supper Plans Delayed

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We were going to have a big supper with our Mexican family tonight so we could spend time with them before we leave.  At the last minute we had to move the date to Monday night because of a death in the extended family.  That will work out alright.  We certainly consider them our family down here and it is important to spend time learning their culture and their ways.  We learn so much Spanish just hanging around with them and they include us in everything they do.  So we had planned to do all the shopping today but we downscaled to just picking up some of the stuff.  First of all we had to have some breakfast (desayuno).  We had Rancharo Huevos!!  Even the breakfast has hot sauce on it.

After breakfast Kenia and I went to the Dulceria to pick out a panyata and the candy to put in it.  She figured the kids would like a minion.  

We took everything to Tina's house until we have our supper on Monday.  Tina was busy getting a big pot of meat ready to make Birria for Domingo.  She sells it every Sunday morning.  I was surprised at how much she makes!!

Once she has it ready to go, she will cook it all night over the big fire pit she has.  She does amazing things with what she has.

Kenia's El Cafecito is open again for a little while to try to make enough to pay the bills until May.  With Semana Santa coming up, she could be quite busy for a little while, so she may as well take advantage of that.  I stopped by there tonight for a waffle.  She has a tasty waffle mix that she makes and tops it with fruit and whip cream.  It is sure good and just what I didn't need just before bed.  Oh well!!   Goodnight


  1. I bet the kids are going to miss you when you leave! Nice that you are able to spend time with the family these last few days.


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