Wednesday 2 March 2022

Let Me Take You for a Walk Downtown!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today I am going to take you on a trip down town with me just because I can.  The other night I showed you some pictures of my walk in the dark, so today I will show you the road in the daylight.  We are about 1/2 mile from our park to the downtown, winding down some narrow streets and over a bridge.  When I leave the park this is what I see.  We are in Numero Uno RV Park.   Its about a half block to the first turn to the left just past the white building. 

This is where we get on the little back alley that I showed you in the dark the other night.  Not much down other than a little carpentry shop that is home to Bruno the dog.

This is the fence of the property that Bruno guards at night.  Oh Oh!!! He has escaped!!! Be careful!!  He is a big black dog, and until we got to know him, he would jump on this fence in the dark and scare the crap out of us.  With lots of treats and seeing him often in daylight, he now knows us and would never hurt us.  He is our best friend now.

After a nuzzle and some treats, we make a left and go about a half a block to go to the school corner.

Oh look there is one of the snowballs laying by that tire.  They are the cutest little puppies and are quite scruffy.  Sue really wants to take the little female, (Sarah) home to clean her up. She always hears us coming and runs to meet us.  Today she just laid there and let me rub her belly.

And here comes Rikki!!! He is the male brother and is quite a jumper.  He is much like Archie with lots of energy.  The guy that owns the dogs said the mama got ran over shortly after they were born.

So now a quick right and down the alley between the two schools.  In the daytime it is quite noisy up here with all the kids playing.  On the right is kindergarten and on the left is elementary school.  Its about another half block up here to the lavenderia.  We will stop there on the way back to get our laundry that I dropped off yesterday.

A quick right before the lavenderia and we are at the "Stinky Bridge".  Its called the stinky bridge because there is a grey water treatment plant there on the left and it always has that sweet grey water smell.  I'm not saying why it is conveniently located on the side of the estuary.  No judgement!!!

Past the stinky bridge we have another block to go to get to the carpenteria corner.  This is the shop that Josie and his dad own.  Josie is Kenia's boyfriend.  I always have to stick my head in and his dad always yells, "Kentucky Fried Chicken!"  I guess he thinks I look like Colonel Sanders.  At the carpenteria corner we look to right and that is Kenia's El Cafecito!!


Rather than go down that street, I went another block to the avenida.  I was heading to the grocery store.

A left around the corner and a couple stores down is the store.

I had to get some fruit and veggies and a couple other things.   I love to shop in this store.

That was all I needed downtown today so I headed back the way I came with a stop for my laundry.  Maria does an awesome job and it is all folded neatly and smells soooo good.  82 pesos for a bag full which is probably the equivalent of a washer load.  So 5 bucks Cnd.  

Tonight we were invited to a happy hour at Blair and Joannes.  They are renting the upstairs suite here at the park for most of the winter.  They invited the whole park to enjoy sunset and treats and the odd refreshment.  

Yes the sunset was awesome from up there.  A little different angle for a change.

I took a picture of where our MH is parked from the balcony.  We are tucked in the palm trees at the far end of this picture. The windshield of the MH is right up against the tall white building.  Our time here is slowly winding down and soon it will be time to leave.  We have just over 50 days until we are in Manitoba.  Hope to see everyone then.

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