Monday 14 March 2022

Come Walk with Archie and I

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

My mornings generally consist of a nice walk with Archie.  He learns nothing about leading on a leash nice with me because I have a 20 foot lead and he gets to explore all he wants.  He has the limits of the leash figured out and will run fast and stop right before the end of the rope.  He is a typical dog and has to sniff everything as well as try eating everything he sees.  He loves to run in the ocean and get wet, not too wet but just wet.  

Now that the park is quieter and the people who are left don't really mind dogs running at large, we let Archie out a few times a day to explore the park.  He stays pretty close to home but does take a tour once in a while so we try to watch him.  He does enjoy the freedom of the open gate, but at the end of the trip he comes and sits close to home.


In the afternoon we had to head down the street to pick up some baking that Sue had ordered.  Of course we took Archie for a walk and his little friend Toby was there to walk with him.  They get along real well and Toby kinda owns the street, but has accepted Archie as his sidekick!.

Heres what we were picking up!!   The most awesome Cinnamon rolls ever.  They are covered with frosting and really cinnamony all the way through..  mmmmm

I went out to check the sunset and Fred and Harold were there having a little happy hour.  They had already settled all the troubles of the world but still allowed me to sit with them for a while watching the sunset!!!

There is a sailboat anchored off Coral Island tonight.  They quite often anchor on the protected side of the island and sometimes spend a few days there.  I wish I had the nerve to try some sailing, but that will never be I'm afraid.  A peaceful night is ahead for them and I can almost feel the rocking motion of their boat as they fall asleep.   Goodnight!!


  1. Thanks for the walk. 😁
    Gibbs doesn't learn from our walks either but his lead is only 6'.

    Those cinnamon rolls, oh my! I hope Bill doesn't read your blog today!!

  2. To late, I now want some cinnamon rolls!!!

  3. All I can say is "nice buns." 😀😃

  4. Are those cinnamon rolls better than the ones from the Hutterites?


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