Thursday 29 February 2024

Don't Get Your Panties in a Knot!!

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

The kids have not been to the market since they got here so we decided to wander down there.  First thing was to get some cash from the bank.  We had to walk to the far end of the Avenida because with the market in town the ATMs run out of money early.  Grace and Grams were on the move!!

Once we got to the bank, Max and I just hung out on the sidewalk waiting.

We walked through the market for a while looking for some stuff that might be of interest to the wee ones.

Both Grace and Max found some things they might like.  Grace likes crafty things and Max will settle for any truck.  

His truck works good on the beach

Some soft clay figurines

I did manage to slip away this afternoon on my way to move the Cafecito and have some liver and onions.  It was sure good.   

The ocean was quiet today and it was a little overcast, so the kids headed to the ocean.  They sure love playing in the waves and we almost have to bribe them to get them to come out.  

With the clouds still low in the sky, there wouldn't be a sunset to photograph.  Sue grabbed a nice picture of one of the locals on his horse. 

Now you probably have figured out that I don't fall for many things that are being floated around as scientific facts.  As far as I'm concerned, science is basically a bunch of people who believe that something is as they see it and they do a bunch of things to make it look like they have proved their point.  Then they promote it as undeniable facts.  Not to this guy they don't!!  I'm from the show me state!!  And here is proof that Global Warming is a thing!!!  Undeniable facts I would say.  LOL Try not to let this get in your dreams.  Good Nite!

Wednesday 28 February 2024

A Volleyball Challenge Accepted

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

Today we have been invited to play some "Flying Ball" or pool volleyball up at the big RV Park.  We will be playing at 2:00 today.  Some of us went up to Ceci's restaurant for lunch before the game.  She makes some awesome meals there.  Sue and I had breakfast and the others had clubhouses.  The kids got some awesome smoothies.

This was a different experience for most of us.  The net was much higher and the pool was twice as wide as ours.  Also the depth of the water allowed for a lot more movement so it took us a while to catch on.  After we lost the first game badly, we mixed up the teams, just so we could watch and learn how they do it.  In our pool there is mainly back and forth, but with this pool there is often lots of play in one end before the ball goes over.  It makes for a lot of action.  We should have went back to our original team after a couple games, and I think we may have done much better.  All in all the game was about fun, and we had lots of that.  Thanks for the invite guys.

We were about pooped by the time we got home, so not much more happened.  Rudy chewed on a bone, Max did the Star Wars thing, and I went to bed.  Good Nite!

Weird how he lays when chewing his bone.

He loves his light up sabre.

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Playing in the Streets!!

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

We are hoping the forecast is a good one for the time the kids are here.  We don't mind seeing the overcast stuff because it saves on a lot of sunburns.  The ocean has been nice with gentle waves but yet big enough to play in.  We will keep our fingers crossed.

Lots of pretty flowers around here.  Its funny because they have been here as long as we have.  I guess they are winter flowers.  They all help to add to the colours here.  This one was about as big as a tea saucer.

I have mentioned before how there is lots of garbage in Mexico just laying around.  We get frustrated with it, but then one morning we will wake up and it will all be cleaned up.  Such was the case of the estuary.  Horge (horhay) is a young guy who doesn't seem to have any gainful employment other than fishing for his tribe.  I was out for a walk this morning and he was out there cleaning up all the garbage on the shores of the estuary.  He even had his boat out cleaning any of the floating debris.  I have no idea if anyone paid him to do it, but he did a thorough job.  I guess the idea is that when it comes to garbage, let it build up until you have a truckload!!

Later in the afternoon, once the intensity of the sun had become less as it hid behind the trees, the kids went swimming.  They certainly love the water.  Here is is a shot of Max taking the plunge.

Ready, Steady

Looks like he is crawling on the water!


We had a quick bite of supper before heading downtown for the evening.

After grabbing a churro, we headed to Kenia's.  She wasn't too busy when we got there so she had some fun with the kids.  She bought some neat things for them like the spray foam so they could draw on the street.  

Of course in all the excitement, Max wiped out and got a big scrape on his elbow.  Not even a tear in his eye, in fact until we saw the blood, we had no idea it had happened.  That was it for today.  Everyone went to bed smiling.  Good Nite!

It wasn't long and the customers started showing up so she let the kids in the Cafecito to watch what she does.  They seemed to be quite interested.  Of course they both got some treats.

Monday 26 February 2024

More Kid Things Today

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

After too much sun yesterday, the kids did some crafty things under the awning until later in the afternoon.  They needed some down time after a couple of pretty intense days of new stuff.  They have finally realized that there is no need for long pants and socks here and have filed them away for a couple weeks.

We have added a little extra thing to our pool.  Water bubbles are a good thing for a pool, so JR made up a hose which creates some bubbles.  It also has a nice waterfall sound to it.   It sure can't hurt anything.

Once the sun started to drop in the afternoon, the umbrella's along the sides afford some shade, so we let them go in the pool again.  They have so much fun splashing away.  Even us old folks got involved.

A nice sunset and off to bed.  Well I went to bed!!!  8:30 was all I could handle.  We have the kids for 2 weeks so I think we will have to spell each other off!!  Good Nite!!

Sunday 25 February 2024

First Day on the Beach with the Kids!!!

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

Today was all about the ocean and the pool.  The kids wanted to do the ocean first so they went out and played around for a couple of hours.  

Our friends have a paddle board so Melissa took Grace out on it to see if she liked it.  Of course she did.

Then they moved to the pool for the afternoon and swam and got lots of sun.  Don't look mom, but this was what they looked like when they were finished.  Its not all sun I don't think.  I think Max got an allergic reaction when he was in the ocean.  Maybe a little Benadryl will fix it.   Its not sore or itchy but looks gross.

Kenia and Oscar came over this afternoon for a while.  We were busy watering the grass so Kenia washed her motorbike.  Its sure a pretty pink!!

The kids are finding some things in the park that they like.  Grace found the swing and Max took a shine to Rudy.

After supper Grace and I headed downtown for a walk. She liked the La Penita sign all lit up at night.  

We stopped by the Cafecito and Grace spent some time watching Kenia do her magic.  She makes such yummy things. 

We finished the night off with one of Kenia's yummy hot chocolates.  Good Nite!