Friday 23 February 2024

A Burger King Fail for Me!!

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

Today Kenia invited me to her house for breakfast.  She had a bunch of egg salad that she made so we were having egg salad sandwiches with a side of pineapple.  It was pretty good!!  Oscar wasn't there because he had to go to work.  He is working for a fish store and they deliver to San Blas and PV so sometimes he has to be at work real early.  Thank you Kenia for the breakfast.  

I had collected 6 water jugs from people in the park and took them to be filled at our new water store.  The charge is only 10 pesos for 5 gallons, but I gave them 100 pesos for 6 bottles.

They disinfect them and wash inside and out

Then they fill them with reverse osmosis water and cap them.

The facility does all the purification onsite.

After lunch Ken and Rhonda and I headed out on a little tour of the countryside just for the fun of it.  We headed up into the hill to the east of La Penita and ended up in a little town called El Tonino.  It is far enough up in the mountains to be sort of self sufficient from La Penita.  The church is beautiful even though it is modest and smaller than the big towns, but you can tell that it is highly respected as a focal point of the community.  It is spotless inside and you can feel the reverence when you enter the doors.  

This door is probably hand carved by some of the locals in the community.  Beautiful handywork.

The streets are narrow and the roads are rough to get to these places, but what you see along the way is well worth the bumping along.

These turkeys were having a little spat and got all puffed up.

Back when Wanda and Irwin were here, they went and had Burger King and said it was just like Canadian Burger King.  Because Ken loves Burger King we decide to stop there today and try it.  There are a few Mexican versions with Jalapino's and hot stuff, but they still have the good old Whopper.

When we got the burger, it was not runny like I am used to.  Even the cheese looked a little different.

And being in the burger business myself, I had to dissect the burger.  Absolute fail right off the bat.  You never, never let the meat of a burger touch the bun without something there to enhance the flavour.  I like to see the mustard and relish or whatever sauce BK puts on, right on the bottom!!

Then I want to see the cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion on the top.  I don't actually think a whopper has lettuce does it?  This one certainly didn't.  And it had zero whopper sauce on it.   It was dry as a bone.  Ken gave it a thumbs up, mainly because he was really craving one I think, but I have to give it a fail, wholly on the fact that there was no sloppy sauce on there.  I need the sauce running into my beard and on my shirt and pants for it to be good.  I might try it one more time just to see if maybe they forgot the sauce this time.  Wanda, did yours have sauce???

And another sunset which means we survived another day.  Sue is in Winnipeg with the kids waiting to board a flight back to PV tomorrow.  The kids are pretty excited to be coming.

I got invited over the Ken and Rhonda's for games and rice pudding tonight.  The games sucked cause I lost, but the rice pudding was amazing.  Rhonda has turned into the insta-pot queen around here.  Thanks for inviting me.  Good Nite!!


  1. The burger did not look appealing, on looks alone, it failed. Not just as a BK product, but in general.
    The little church is beautiful and the doors were stunning.
    I like the water spot. Very clean looking.
    Looking forward to the new grandchild adventure and Sue’s return. Safe travels Sue, Grace and Max.


  2. That church is gorgeous! I love the red walls and dark brown benches but would need to take a pillow for service. :)
    Rice pudding in the Instant pot - best I've ever made and tasted!!

  3. I've never been a fan of Burger King. It's better to just eat it without opening it up! LOL

  4. You didn't have a whopper, they forgot the sloppy sauce!! They always have lettuce, onions, dill pickles, ketchup and mayo. I think they always put the bun on the bottom without sauce.
    Hmm now I'm hungry for one lol


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