About the Green's

We are Lorne and Susan Green and we are preparing to open a new chapter in our lives as we work towards a life in a motorhome full time (since writing this, we have achieved that goal).

As with every story, there is a reason it came to be. Lorne suffered a near fatal heart attack in 2012 which made us realize that life can be shorter than one thinks. Susan witnessed her father retire at age 55 and 2 years later be rapidly taken over by the horrible disease known as Alzheimer's. At the same time her mother was diagnosed with cancer, a battle which has forced her to change her plans for retirement. All of this has made us extremely aware that if we want to do something in life, now is the time to start. Travel has always been high on our priority list and we feel it is time to start pursuing that dream. (Since writing this blog both Sue's parents have passed away - Mom aged 68, Dad age 69)
Our lives have been rewarding. We have 4 grown children and their partners who are all out there making their way in life. We have 6 grandchildren, who are are our reason to live.  Our sweet grand baby boy Clayton was taken from us in 2014 by SUDS (Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome).   We had just celebrated his 1st birthday the month before.  It is terrible to lose a child and grandchild but it compounds that loss when no one can explain why.  He will always be a part of our family in our hearts and will travel with us on our journey.
The tough part of this adventure will be the time we are away south in the winter without them all nearby. We are comforted by the fact that with modern technology, seeing their smiling faces is as close as the I-pad. We also know that summers will be the time for being close by family because our home will now have wheels.
Lorne spent his working career in the heavy construction field and the last few years in municipal government administration and Susan in the health care field. Although Lorne can retire in the not too distant future, Susan is not eligible for retirement for 7 years. Knowing these facts we began a search to figure out how we can accomplish our goal of travel within a very limited budget. Part of the price will be the need to work in the summer months here in Canada, so that is what we will do.
Late in 2013 we discovered the world of full time rving. We started to research the possibilities both on the Internet and by checking with some rvers in Phoenix and Mexico on our winter vacations. We discovered that this lifestyle was what we were looking for and everyone we talked to and all of our research confirmed that it was possible. Now we started looking at rvs. 5ers were what we wanted originally but with the declassification of Lorne's drivers licence, he could no longer drive the multi configuration. Motorhomes of any size plus a towed vehicle were still legal so that narrowed our search. We searched everywhere possible for the floor plan that was special and would work best for us and probably viewed over 1000 rigs either in person or on the Internet. We were becoming overwhelmed with the search and they all began to look the same. Friends of ours who are full time rvers (Jim &Denyse Walter of tumbleweed-jimdee.blogspot.com ) kept telling us that the right unit would come along and we would know it when we saw it. Their wise words were very true.
Around May 1st a motorhome for sale showed up on our local online classified service (e-brandon). It was a 40 ft. Rexhall Rose Air with a 330 Cummins and a 6 speed Allison transmission. It had lots of windows which was a requirement of ours. It has two slides and a unique floor plan. Although this was much earlier than we had expected to buy, we thought it wouldn't hurt to have a look. When we walked in the unit, we both looked at each other, and said this is the one! The people who were selling it talked about it like it was part of the family and we knew it was well looked after. We were not long working a deal which included the Jeep tow vehicle. May, 2014 we handed over the cheque and she was ours.
Wow, we are not sure what to do now!! That is the point where our story will begin. This story will be our journal, but we hope that lots of people will be able to relate to our adventure, and that it might help someone make the decision to go full time rving! We welcome everyone's comments and look forward to your encouragement.

Come along with us on our travels as we search for "A Place called Away".


  1. Hello there, just read your piece about your travel plans. My wife Lynda and myself have just returned to the UK after nearly two years travel with a fifth wheel from Toronto to Vancouver then to San Fransisco and back. We did little research beforehand because we would never have gone. Saying that, we had the best time ever. Do it! I wrote a blog along the way, take a look and good luck.

  2. Like yourselves we kicked the idea of Fulltiming around for a few years but Kathy always found an excuse to say no. Finally she was the one who made the suggestion. The only regret she has was not doing it sooner.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Just found your blog and wanted to invite you to join ours. My husband Bill and I made the same decision in 2013 October and set out this year 2016 October for the first time to the southwest. We have a 5th wheel, no home and have never looked back. Enjoy your travels! patsyischillin.blogspot.com (chillin with Patsy) is my blog and clembillpat.blogspot.ca (On Our Way)

  4. Loren, can you update me on how Sergio’s go fund me page is doing? I wonder if he needs a bit more towards his new schooler?


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