Thursday 20 June 2019

The Mericans Came for a Visit!!!!

Once a year I have to drive the 2 and a half hours to Winnipeg to have my ICD (defibrillator) checked.  They mainly check it to see where the battery levels are at and if it has been triggered in the last year.  People who have these implant, normally have them because they need to have some heart pacing done as well so that is a little more time consuming at the check up, but for me all that is shut off cause my heart purrs along just fine.  Only problem with me is that my heart could stop from say exertion or a scare or those kinds of things so that would be the only time it would kick in and start my heart again.  So the trip to Winnipeg and back for my 10 minute check up takes about 8 hours.  It was a boring drive this time because I was by myself.  It took forever to get to the half way tree.

Thursday 13 June 2019

Time Waits for No Man!!!

I thought a weekly post would be doable, and it is, but I still have to set a deadline for myself.  Tomorrow is not a good deadline because I am a procrastinator, and with me tomorrow may never come.  Anyway this is my weekly journal up to June 13 or there abouts.  That also means that I will have to prepare another post in the next couple days to cover up to the 20th!!  I can do it...and if not, there is always tomorrow.  Our new employee, Trista did up some new window signs for us and I think they look great.  We have our menu out front now in neon lights for everyone to see.

Wednesday 5 June 2019

Renovation Almost Complete

We are pleased to say that our renovation is almost complete.  The contracted part of it is and now we just have to do some painting and flooring and moving all the freezers and building some storage shelves.  Our contractor, Larry and his helper Glen, did a good job getting it done in jig time.  I originally decided to ask him if he could do the job last Tuesday and he started the job on Wednesday about noon.  That is fast.  They cleaned up the work site and I paid them and off they went this Tuesday.  That was quick!!!  Good job guys.