Thursday 13 June 2019

Time Waits for No Man!!!

I thought a weekly post would be doable, and it is, but I still have to set a deadline for myself.  Tomorrow is not a good deadline because I am a procrastinator, and with me tomorrow may never come.  Anyway this is my weekly journal up to June 13 or there abouts.  That also means that I will have to prepare another post in the next couple days to cover up to the 20th!!  I can do it...and if not, there is always tomorrow.  Our new employee, Trista did up some new window signs for us and I think they look great.  We have our menu out front now in neon lights for everyone to see.

One of our weekly trips takes us to Brandon to meet the Ice Cream delivery truck.  Jamie is the driver and he is super nice so each Friday I go over to McDonalds and buy him a coffee because he is usually in a rush to get moving and the Giant Tiger Store we meet him at, is slow as mollassis in January, so the coffee calms his nerves I think.   Anyhow after getting his coffee at McDonalds which is right next door to where we meet him, I am walking back and I turn around and everyone in McDonalds is bailing out into the parking lot.  Definitely something going on!!

A cop car shows up with lights and sirens, and I hear fire and rescue coming down the street.  As I am looking over I see a puff of white from the roof exhaust and wonder what it is until I see a McDonalds employee come out the front door all covered in white fire retardant.  I guess he was trying to put out the fire and lost the battle and the automatic extinguisher got him.   I of course didn't get a picture of that because it all happened too fast.  Anyway the whole situation was under control very quickly and the response time of the Emergency Equipment was really quick.

About the same time the Ice Cream truck showed up and guess what.  Some dummy had parked his pickup in the no parking unloading lane and went in the store.  Jamie just pulled right up tight to him and we stood and drank the coffee until the guy came out.  Of course the guy makes a big deal because he thought Jamie had hit him.  Jamie looked at him and said "I didn't hit you this time but if you don't get in your truck and move it, I will!!!"   About the same time the guy noticed the no parking sign and left quite quickly.   It was rather funny.

Well one of the other things I went to Brandon for was to get some 1970's style panelling to put up in part of the new addition.  It was cheap and we may paint it at a later date, but for now it will work just fine.

We put some on the old green wall of the original shack.  Here is the new flooring as well.  We bought one long roll so we don't have any seams.

And we did the walls in the office area.

Now I know it looks like a lot of room in there but now we have to move all the supplies in!!  Doesn't look so roomy now, and wait...we still have a fridge and freezer to put on the other wall.  It will get pretty full pretty fast!!!!

Our boat rentals are starting to pick up now that the weather is a bit better.  We have been having mainly cool weather on the weekends so it is a bit slow.  We have a special on for the rest of the month at $10 bucks per hour for any of our boats.

Every year the Office of the Fire Commissioner come down to the lake to practice their water rescues.  They have a bunch of Zodiaks that are full of young gung ho fire and rescue guys, hooting and hollering and throwing each other into the cold water.  They throw out one guy and then race away with the boat and decide what rescue procedure they are going to use.  Then they come racing back and perform a rescue.  It was a lot of fun to watch for a while.  They even had some night training.

Here is the view out our window.  We are almost at full foliage on all the trees.


  1. The addition looks great, even when it's full :-) It would be fun to watch them practice water rescues. Many years ago we were sitting in an A&W with our three, very young, kids who were getting antsy because our meal was taking forever ... then a bunch of fire trucks whipped into the parking lot and caught their attention. We were very grateful that they were finally occupied until we realized it was the A&W that was on fire! They had a fire in their kitchen which they were able to put out quickly but of course they could no longer cook any meals so we had to then find another restaurant. You were lucky you only missed out on coffee :-)

  2. I actually got my coffee. I think I may have been the last customer though.


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