Sunday 31 December 2023

New Years Eve with Family

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

We were up early this morning and off on a Costco/Sams Club run for Kenia.  Nikki came with us to get a few things.  We stopped at Kenia's house at 7:30 am and got her out of bed and were on the road by 8.  We got into PV in good time and as we got close to Costco, there was a clunk and then some weird noises.  I pulled over and found out the back U-joint had blown one bearing.  Oh oh.  

So we limped into the parking lot and I went into their tire shop to find out where I could get a mechanic.  They basically said good luck on New Years eve and told me I would have to wait until Tuesday.  What now?

So I went back outside and crawled underneath to see what I could do with no tools.  Well look here.....the bearing cap had come right off on one side so I was able to slip the U-joint out of the carrier and then slide the drive shaft off the spline on the back of the transmission!!  I now had that piece of the drive shaft off and in my hand.  Now all I had to do was shift to 4 wheel drive and we would have a front wheel drive only Jeep!!

So now all we had to do was have some lunch and load up a few things Kenia and Nikki had bought and head for home.  We grabbed pizza which was actually quite good.

Well Kenia wanted to stop at Sam's club so off so I sat in Jeep and guarded the stuff we had.  There was no need to worry about the guarding cause there were a bunch of soldiers in the parking lot.

Anyway, Kenia appeared with a FULL cart of "a few things".  Oh no, where would we put it all.  Well, we got it all in but not absolutely sure it will all stay!  As we headed out using front wheel drive,  I was sure glad we were not stranded here until Tuesday!!

After we arrived home, we had a good afternoon of playing in the water.  We hung around the pool for a while and the kids had a good time.  

Then later in the afternoon we went out to the ocean.  The ocean has been angry the last couple days with huge waves.  The kids love to stand and let the waves roll over their legs.  An adult has to be there to make sure no one is swept out to sea.

Because it is New Years Eve, we have been invited to Abuela Tina's to celebrate with them.  I was glad we were going because this was an opportunity for the kids to see some traditions of Mexico and try some of the food and drink.  They laid out quite a spread for everyone.

Nicole says where's the fork? lol
They cooked a Dorado fish over the wood fire cooker.  Yumm it was good.

We were a bit early, but it wasn't long and the family started showing up.  The only ones missing were Oscar, who is in Guadalajara, and Itsuri, who was working tonight at a restaurant in Guayabitos.
Always lots for supper at Abuela's

Emma and Silas tried a few things.  They like the Horchata

trying the pesole for the first time

Of course fireworks and firecrackers are a mainstay in Mexico, Donte and Danny taught Silas and Emma Firecracker etiquette!!!  You light it and count to 3 or 4 before you throw it!!!

And Kenia taught them about huge sparklers!!!

They had the pinata a little bit early because Silas and Emma were getting real tired.  They are not Mexicans yet!!! lol

I think everyone had a good time and we were happy to be with good friends and family for the last part of the year.  Happy New Year to Everyone!!!  Feliz ano nuevo 2024!!  Good Night!!!

Part of our Mexican Family

Saturday 30 December 2023

Lots of Water Fun Today

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

Today when we woke up the ocean was angry.  There were 6 ft waves pounding the beach and the water was running in the gate of the park.  It was fun to watch how the pounding waves moved the sand and rocks around.  The ocean is powerful.

The kids played in the sand inside the fence for a few hours until the tide started to subside a bit.  Silas had a little Mexican girl to play with.

We had a good breakfast of sausage, eggs, and pancakes while we waited for better conditions on the beach.

When the tide went down enough to expose some beach outside the fence, Abby, Silas, Emma and Gramma went and played in the waves.  They couldn't get in very much water because they didn't want to get swept out to sea.  Kenia sat on the beach and played lifeguard.

The kids spent most of the afternoon in the pool with Sue and Kenia.  Their first day has been a busy one.

After supper we all took a walk downtown for some ice cream.  I'm not a fan of Mexican ice cream, but it was a hit with the kids.

Gramma bought them all some poppers so they went to the town square and popped them on the cement.  Good call Gramma.

That was about it for our day.  We all wandered home and got ready for bed.  Silas went and put on what he thought was his pj's and appeared to the laughter of everyone.  He had mistakenly put on Lincolns.  He is such a little ham!!!

A little short at the knees

Thats a better fit.

Dusk was nice as viewed from Nicoles upper deck.  Good Nite!!

Friday 29 December 2023

The Kids Have Arrived for 10 Days

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

Today we had one thing to do and that was go to PV to pick up the kids.  Our friend George offered to drive his Jeep in as well because we had 5 of them to pick up.  The plane was actually early but it still took over an hour to get them through customs and out of the airport.

We finally got them out to the parking lot and hit the road.  We had to make sure we had enough time to make it home before dark going up the libre.  If we didn't think we had time before sundown, we could have paid the 230 pesos and took the toll road which is about 40 minutes faster.  Anyhow we did get a photo op through the rear  window.  Nicole, Silas and Lincoln were with me, and Sue, Abby and Emma were in the other yellow Jeep with George.

We did make it home just after the sun set and Silas and I ran out to get a picture of him and the ocean.  This is all new to them.

We got them settled in their suite and took a quick walk downtown and back before retiring for the night.  We hope they like it here and we plan a few fun things with them.   Good Nite!

Thursday 28 December 2023

Exciting News Today

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

I got to spend some time with my friend Harold this morning.  Sue and Pat headed to PV to get supplies and Harold and I spent and hour or so having breakfast and a good old chat.  We don't see much of each other any more so it was nice to spend some time with him.  Saw this sign at the entrance to the RV park in Lo De Marcos where we had breakfast.   Yup that's about right!!

Then I headed back to La Penita where I decided to visit the big RV park where I was sure there would be a game of pool volleyball going on.  Yup there was!  

It was nice to see some of our old acquaintances and it was really nice to see Ceci.  Ceci is Kenia's aunt and was one of the first local people we met the first time we came to La Penita.  She taught me how to say "Delicioso!"   I sat and chatted with George and Henny for a while before heading back to the park.  On the way I stopped at Las Koritas for a quick chat.  There was our sign that Sergio painted for us last year.  He likes to joke that it is Georges Jeep on our sign!!

When I got back, Archie was begging for a walk on the beach.  He has this couple of dogs that love him and he struts along like his is the king of the beach.  I call the black guy "Scruffy!"   

There was an egret and a heron at the estuary today.  They are not very scared of people or the dogs.  

Sue got home mid afternoon and she was not feeling well at all.  We had been invited for supper with Steve and Julie to celebrate her birthday but we had to cancel.  Sorry Julie.  We will get together one of these days. 

One of the things some of the RVers here asked for is a volleyball net on our little pool.  So today I was talking about it to Howard and he said he had some netting that we could use, so he and I made up a net and a way to mount it on the pool and boom.....we have a volleyball net.   Everyone is excited to try it out tomorrow.  There were a couple young girls in the pool that gave us a demonstration.

I had a couple short conversations with Kenia today and her friends funeral is at 4 pm this afternoon.  She is with friends like she should be.  I just encouraged her to get some rest after the funeral is over.

The exciting news is that Nicole, Abby, Silas, Emma and Lincoln are in Calgary tonight.  They flew from Brandon MB to Calgary this afternoon and will board a flight to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow morning.  We are excited to have them visit with us for 10 days or so.  We will pick them up tomorrow afternoon.  There will be lots of action around here for a few days.  

Caught another sunset.  Good Nite!!