Wednesday 6 December 2023

What an Amazing Day

WHERE ARE WE? San Carlos, Mexico

Good thing we had a relaxing day cause today turned into a busy one.  We had our coffee on the beach and then went for a little walk.  I went west and Sandra and Michael went east.  I didn't go too far and turned around.  I could see Sandra walking briskly down the beach toward me.  She said lets grab the Jeep and head down the beach cause they are doing a turtle release.  Turtle releases just kinda happen around here and are not really planned.  We were lucky to see this one.

a wet one

and a dry one.

The race is on.  They will not be back to land for up to 12 years.

They are on their own now.

We had to name them as we released them. Mine were Henry and Ethel after my grandparents!

We had a bite to eat and then had decided to take a drive up to the tower mountain.  The mountain is located about 15 miles away and is in the middle of Guaymas.  We took a scenic drive to get to the base of the mountain.

Looking over the bay where we are camped.

The drive up the mountain is about 5 or 6 miles of narrow winding cobblestone road on a fairly steep angle.  It starts out by the penetentury and is a long slow drive up.  We got to the parking area near the top and stopped and took in the view.

Narrow cobblestone road.

The prison from up the road a piece.

What a fantastic view we had.  On the north side of the mountain was the industrial part of Guaymas way down there.  I'm guessing we were up about 4000 feet.

And on the other side was the sea port in Guaymas.  Lots of ships at anchor waiting to unload at one of the docking facilities. 

We had another half mile or so to go to get to the towers at the top.  This part of the road was really narrow and a sharp drop off with about a 1000 foot drop.  

I hope I set the brake so we don't get run over.

The girls opted to walk past the narrow parts ahead.

Ok a sharp left.  No room for mistakes

Don't look down

The top of the world.

There were a few workers up here doing something and it seems there are a couple of living quarters here.  I would imagine someone stays here all the time to keep these towers running. 

Sandra said Nope... I'm walking past the narrow steep parts!!

On the way down the first big drop, I looked over the edge and saw a big truck starting up the hill by the jail.  I told the girls we would wait because I didn't want to meet him where there was no room to pass.  I'm glad we did because he was a big one full of water.  He huffed and puffed his way past us in a safe spot and on up the steep hill and out of site.

Thats the truck way down there.  It took him about 20 minutes to make it to where we were.

Big truck with a big load.  

We headed back down the hill after a great afternoon.  That was one of those "been there, done that" kinda trips.  A once in a lifetime experience.

Soon after we got home it was time for Happy Hour.  We had another new friend, Bruce join us for it.

While we were sitting there, I looked up and the lights on tower mountain turned on.   I smiled because I am one of only a few people who know what is up there and the trouble it takes to get there.

Its been a great day here in San Carlos.  We saw a lot of friendly locals along the way and every one of them had a wave and a smile for us.  Viva Mexico!!  The view out our window includes the sunset.  Good Nite!!


  1. Truly a special day & probably the pucker factor was involved driving back down,especially for the truck driver,lol.What an extraordinary experience to actually handle & release the baby sea turtles plus name them.Lots of great memories with good friends- all the best.

  2. Oh my goodness I’m SO jealous of the turtle release! Definitely on my bucket list!!!! 💕💕

  3. Sheri-Lyn took the words out of my mouth! That turtle release would be amazing!
    The views are also incredible.


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