Saturday 16 December 2023

Thinking of All Our Family Today

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

La Penita is definitely a warm place to be. It was like 31C today with some humidity especially this morning.  It can get quite warm in the MH but we don't spend much time there in the day anyway. We did get to hang with Blair and Joanne today on the beach (without pictures).   Sue did something neat for the grandkids back home.  They were all getting together in a hotel for the weekend for like a Christmas get together.  With all their busy lives it is not always possible to spend the actual day together.  Sue decided to buy them all PJ's for Christmas so they sent us a picture of everybody.  Wish we were there!

In late morning I got motivated enough to do some projects.  One project was to change out the power plug in in the site.  For some reason they put in regular household outlets for the power cords.  With the small plugs, they tend to make a lot of heat, especially after the salt air has got at them for a while.  The power supply becomes very inefficient and tends to heat up and in the end draws a bunch of power just to make that heat, and then the cord gets to melting.  One way to remedy that is to install a 30 amp plug, which will eliminate one connection between or MH and the plug and it is a more robust plug.  It doesn't mean we will draw any more power, but rather helps making the connection more efficient.  I bring my own plug every year just for this purpose. 

After numerous swims we settled in at the palapa with our friends Suzanne and Normand for a little chat.  Suzanne brought some tasty treats and we had a nice chat.  New friends Howard and Linda and their dog Skipper joined us for a while.  It was nice just to be together again.  I think winter here will be great.

A little bit of the after effects of a sunset was what I got tonight.

And a view out our window today.  Lots of nice flowers around.  Good Nite!!



  1. La Penita is definitely your home away from home,lol.Looking forward to all your activities with your Mexican second family.Enjoy your winter & all the best

  2. A wonderful day, wonderful spot and great friends. Not much better than that!

  3. Love the pj’s! Nice looking bunch of grands!
    I’m happy to hear you are once again settling in, I like the plug fix, very wise. Enjoy your time there!


  4. Mexican people say the winter has not arrived yet and it is really the first year we experience so hot & humid weather since the last 7 years around

    Normand & Suzanne


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