Saturday 2 December 2023

We Made it to San Carlos Mexico

WHERE ARE WE? Beach Boondocking, San Carlos, Mexico

Up early (for us) at about 6 am and on the road by 7.   It was quite chilly as I readied the MH for todays drive.  

The border crossing went well but we did get stopped for a quick look by the Mexican border people.  No problems and off we went.  It is another 30 kms or so to the spot where we get our TIP (Temporary Import Permit) for the Jeep and Motorhome and we also get our Visa (FMM) to visit Mexico.  This building is about 21 kms south of the border and well marked!!  NOT!!!  Do you see a sign anywhere announcing it?  Nope!

Just a dirt trail into a parking lot. Building is way down at the end.  

We had to wait in line for about 15 minutes outside the FMM office before it was our turn.  It was cold!!! (Freo!!)

It was so cool that I could hear Canadian sounds coming from the parking lot.  Yes, a guy was scraping his windows!!!  I missed the picture but got one of the exhaust as he left the parking lot!!!  I have driven 7000 KMs in a mostly southerly direction and still experiencing frost!!!  Something is wrong!!

It took about 20 minutes total to get our FMM, then around the corner we went to get our TIP.  Only about 6 people ahead of us and 6 windows operating.  Piece of cake!  Well to get a tip you give them your passport and your registration and Mexican insurance document and they read all of it line by line.  Then the arduous process of entering the information.  Each entry is double checked plus a supervisor has to double check it.  It took almost 90 minutes to get the 2 documents we need for the MH and Jeep.  So about an hour an a half later we were back on the road at 10 am.  The Mexican countryside is very similar to southern Arizona but the roads are actually better than some Arizona ones.

Time to brush up on the Spanish!!  I think I forgot a bit over the last year.  I actually made myself count to 100 in Spanish a couple times because we are paying tolls and its tough to tell how much they want unless you know the numbers.  And there are lots of signs to read.

Something about slow traffic stay right

Don't Abuse the signs  (Obey signs)

About 3 pm we arrived in San Carlos and our friends Michael and Sandra were waiting for us.  We have stayed at Totonaka RV park here before but always wanted to boondock on the beach.  Today our dream is coming true.  They have invited us to spend some time with them in a beautiful spot on the beach and its free!!

There is quite a nice bunch of people here and to Archies joy, there are other dogs running around.  He had a blast with them all.  We met most of the friends and can't remember hardly anyone except Chris and Oley!!  We will revisit the names again tomorrow. 

We chatted for a while and next thing you know the sun headed behind the hills.  They get awesome sunsets here as well!!!

Some of the locals are here tonight and these ones are having a bonfire.  Looks like fun, but we are way too tired to join them.

This was our trip today.

Here is the view out our front window tonight.  A nice little lagoon beside us and the ocean right behind it.  We will explore it more tomorrow.  Thanks for inviting us M & S!!!  Good Nite!!


  1. Nice to read you and Sue made it to San Carlos safe and sound. Looks like a beautiful spot to spend time with friends. Enjoy!

  2. Good to hear that you arrived safely in San Carlos and met up with your friends. Nice ocean view, enjoy.

  3. Glad to hear you made your crossing without any major issues.

  4. Happy to hear you have made the first destination and are enjoying the company. It looks like a beautiful spot to spend a few days. Yeah Archie, having friends is good for you too. Have fun.


  5. Good news that you made it to San Carlos. I'm sure Archie is happy. I wonder if he'll join in and play? Have fun looks like a great spot.


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