Monday 4 December 2023

A Little Tour of San Carlos

WHERE ARE WE? San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

We are getting into beach life.  Just hung around and drank some coffee and did some chores.  Remember we are not on vacation, but rather living, which involves doing day to day chores to keep things rolling.  After a couple cups of coffee I was out checking things around the MH and saw the bike locked up to the ladder at the back.  Do you see anything wrong with this picture!!!  I laughed as I told Sue about it.  Keeps an honest thief away!!

So we headed out in the Jeep for a little tour of San Carlos.  Sandra and Michael took us on a little walking tour of the marina area which was awesome.  I did not know that San Carlos was only founded about 60 years ago and is mainly a vacation town for Mexicans from the city as well as some gringo's.  The Marina sports some pretty nice boats as well.  The whole town is a little more upscale than what I thought it was.

After the marina tour we went up on a view point on the other side of Tetakawi Mountain.  This a fairly new area with many really nice homes and another major marina.  Its probably safe to say that there are Billions of dollars worth of yachts in San Carlos as well as billions worth of houses. 

But we didn't come to see the houses, but rather the view of the mountains and beaches.  The viewpoint is way up high and on the edge of a cliff.

We made a quick stop at the local grocery store for some supplies on the way home.  Very nice stores in this town.

Back out to the beach for a wee happy hour.  Archie gave us the sad face because he had to stay home this afternoon.

It wasn't long and the sun was going down.  Yes I'm going to subject you to another one.  

And the view out our window today.  Good Nite!


  1. Love the new hair doing that pic Sue. Xoxox

  2. Hair do in that pic. Ducking auto correct

  3. It was crazy windy - funny hey ! 🤣 Sue

  4. Did you wave high to my friend Gayle, her sailboat is in dry dock down there at the harbor. 🤣

  5. An honest thief left the bike! Lol.
    Great views. I would enjoy those for a day or two. I loved the mural, very elegant. Archie looks annoyed!
    Keep having fun.


  6. Too funny about the bike lock!!
    Looks nice there.

  7. What a beautiful area. Those are some really nice boats.


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