Saturday 9 December 2023

Time to Get in the Christmas Spirit!

WHERE ARE WE? San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

So if you are waiting to hear about some wild adventure today, I'm here to disappoint you!!!  Kind of a sit around, lay around, do not much, kinda day for me.  Sue did do some wallpapering today.  It makes a huge difference to the interior with the nice clean light coloured paper.  

old wall colour

New wallpaper
A little funny story about Archie for you.  This morning a turkey vulture landed on a sign post near our MH.  Archie didn't think much of that and started to bark and head towards it.  He was bound he was going to scare it away.  As he got closer to it the vulture did the wing spread and it was about 4 feet wide.  Well Archie turned tail and ran as fast as he could for the MH.  I think he thought his time had come.  He will be a little more choosy who he chases from now on.

This afternoon I got an email from Sandra with a nice Christmas picture that she took the other day.  It is sometimes hard for us to realize that we are only a couple weeks from Christmas when the daytime temperatures are in the high 20's.  I do hope that all of our family are getting excited for the season.  We hope everyone gets to spend time with the ones they love, and mostly that the spirit of Christmas wells up in the hearts of all of our kids and grandkids and of course our friends.  Lets all try to make someone's Christmas a little better this year!!   Here's to a great Christmas season.

I did a little map of our travels over the last few days.  Most of what we saw was within 20 kms of where we are staying.  And we never saw a single person who was wanting to kill us or rob us!!!  After 5 years in Mexico I think that although one should be aware of their surroundings, for the most part, people are good people and do not wish to harm anyone.  We have encountered nothing but waves and smiles from everyone we have interacted with.  

The view out our window tonight.

Our day was great and we topped it off with a nice chat with our friends.  Due to darkness, we decided to continue on in the morning.  Good Nite!!


  1. A wonderful day. Great pics. Glad you guys are having a good time.
    Sue, it looks fabulous!


  2. Cute picture of the two of you.

  3. Nice picture of you and Sue. That island of Saguaros must have been something to see in person. A turtle release would be something to see and getting to release some of the turtles what luck. The ride up the mountain definitely looks like it would be something fun to experience, once.
    That wallpaper is a room brightener, very pretty. Sue does good work.
    Looks like you two landed in a beautiful spot!

  4. We are still intrigued by a Mexican adventure, but not enough to pull the trigger yet. If we did do it, I think traveling with a group at least our first few adventures would be the way to go.

  5. Poor Archie!! Gibbs will go crazy at things that are where they shouldn't be so I'm sure he would have joined in AND ran away as Archie did! So brave, they are.
    Nice job on the MH Sue. I love the picture of you both as well. I've saved it as your contact photo now. :)

  6. Wallpaper looks good…
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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