Friday 8 December 2023

More San Carlos Exploring

WHERE ARE WE? San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

We are enjoying our time here in San Carlos.  This has always just been a stopping point on our travels south, but this time we opted to spend time with Sandra and Michael and we are sure glad we did.  Sandra has lots of places she wants to see but their exploring is limited because they don't have a vehicle so I told her to figure out where to go and we would go.  We have been south, east, west and a bit north so have pretty much covered the local sights.  Today we went to La Manga, Dos la Manga, and Tres la Manga and even a bit farther up a dirt road to Playa el Choyudito.  As you notice even google maps didn't know how to take us there after La Manga.

Our trip took us about 20 kms up the coast by the La Manga's and on to a gravel/rock road.

La Manga Christmas tree.

Murals everywhere

We went by a nice little water hole and there were a bunch of turkey vultures all around getting a drink and taking a rest from their lofty searching for dead things.  We were worried because they sort of followed us.  What did they know!!

We were pleasantly surprised when we got there because we arrived on a plateau right in front of a rock island covered in cactus.  The ocean was crystal clear and you could see right to the bottom anywhere you looked.  Wow is all I could say!!!

We explored for an hour or so and took some pictures along the way.  There were thousands of hermit crabs in shells and lots of pretty shells. It was interesting to observe nature on the rocks by the ocean.

Lunch by the sea.  They are on the edge of a 30 ft cliff.

Sue dreaming how we could get Percy down here.

Time marched on and the sun was on the downward slide so we had to leave this paradise and head back.  We explored along the coast on the way back and even stopped for a coke and a taco in a little restaurant in La Manga.  Thanks Sandra!!

What a great day exploring!  Can we top it tomorrow??  You will have to wait and see.  This was the view out my window today!!!   Good Nite!!


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