Tuesday 19 December 2023

People Everywhere!

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

Today we headed to Puerta Vallarta to get some things at Costco before Christmas.  Kenia came along with us because she needs supplies for the Cafecito.  So we hit the road about 9:30.  We took the 200 highway because it is a pretty drive, but today was extra slow.  More time to check out the scenery.  Costco was a mess today.  There were people everywhere.  Things like crowds normally don't bother me, but this crowd got a little on my nerves.  I was glad to get out of there.  Kenia always makes any shopping trip fun.  She is such a goof.

Crazy lineups

Making us laugh

Look out, here she comes!!  how can she see to drive that thing.

We were hungry so we stopped at the first restaurant we saw.  We have been at this one before but didn't remember much about it.  Well it was way overpriced with small portions.  We had a beef and shrimp burrito and you couldn't chew the beef.  Kenia had a shrimp thing which was good.  Total bill for a mediocre lunch was 850 peso's which is $66 CND.  Oh well it took the hunger away.

 After lunch we visited both Sams Clubs to finish getting all the stuff Kenia needed.  We used up every inch of space in the Jeep before we headed for home.  

Even the traffic in PV was crazy and by the time we got out of the city it was starting to get dark so we took the Toll road home.  It costs 250 peso's but cuts an hours drive down to 20 minutes.  That meant we got home just as it got really dark.  

After a long day we showed our age by watching a Hallmark Christmas movie.  It was really sappy but had a good story to it.  Perhaps with our crazy world, we need a few more Hallmark Christmas movies.  Good Nite!!

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  1. Well you got home safe from all that shopping & driving, and look at your beautiful weather.

    It's raining in Salmon Arm and the snow is disappearing. We could have a brown Christmas this year.

    Merry Christmas to you and Sue!


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