Sunday 24 December 2023

A Mexican Christmas Eve Celebration

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

You could feel the buzz in the air today as it is Christmas Eve in La Penita and yes all over the world!!  We took a drive to pick up some things for the get together we are having in the park tomorrow.  We were also on the hunt for some pool noodles to float on in the pool.  All the touristy places have the plastic floaties but we did find one place that had noodles.  Merry Christmas to us.

It was lunch time so we stopped at Mojito's for a gringo lunch.  Yup, hamburger and fries.  Both were fairly good but still not like we get at home, especially Cj's!!

We got home for a swim in the afternoon and were going to get ready to go to Abuela's house for Christmas Eve.  Mexicans celebrate tonight rather than on Christmas Day.  They say family party Christmas Eve and Hangover on Christmas.  Actually a lot of the businesses will be open tomorrow.  Anyway we were preparing to go to Abuela's when we texted Kenia to see what time to go.  BIG surprise when she said to go about 9:30 pm!!!  Now remember that 9:30 is past our bedtime normally!!  So we had a nap to keep us going. There was an absolutely breath taking sunset tonight.  My pictures don't really do anything for it.

The pinks were crazy with the billowy clouds.  Actually this picture was through our front window!

About 9 we headed over to Abuela's.  Hardly anyone there yet.  It was nice to see everyone again.  Kenia, Abuela Tina, Katherine, and Kenia's mom Sujey.  Oscar is in Guadalajara for Christmas and Kenia's sister Itsuri joined us later.  All the Aunts and cousins and nephews and nieces were there as well.  It was a fun evening with lots of food and lots of laughs.  We do figure out most of what is going on.  We had some awesome food, most of which I don't know the name.  It was yummy!!

 Katherine got a cookie decorating kit from Kenia and she played with it all night.  She is such a great kid.  

Kenia got us some Christmas gifts as well.  Sue thinks Kenia made a mistake and this is how the presents should go.  Thank you Kenia!!

The big kids had a bunch of fireworks and bangers.  The loud ones will rattle your body and they are going off constantly.  There were some fireworks up the street as well.  It made for a smoky loud evening.

About midnight we had to leave.  I think we did pretty good to stay up that late.  The day ended with a bang!!  Good Nite!  


  1. Things have changed but your Christmas Eve is what I grew up with. Your blog brought back good memories. Merry Christmas!

  2. Food looks good although i don't know what any of it is either!
    Merry Christmas! (Ps. I agree with Sue about the gifts)

  3. A great celebration! A little late for me too! Lol.


  4. Thanks for taking us along on your LATE night adventure.


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