Tuesday 31 January 2023

You Say Goodbye, And I Say Hello!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today our neighbours decided it was time to move on.  For the past week they have been saying they were leaving but always found a way to delay a day at a time.  Today Kasia and I talked about how it is hard to leave a place where you make friends, but also by leaving, you avail yourself to making new friends and there are lots of people out there just waiting to be our friends.  So when the time came, there was a tear or two, but part we did.  Magic, Kasia, Alla, and Anna are looking forward to exploring more of Mexico as they head south to check out South America.  Good luck and safe travels.

Kenia sent me a text saying that her and some of her friends were going out for breakfast and would I like to come along.  Of course I would.  Who could resist hanging out with a table full of pretty girls. Hard to believe they are all into boxing.  I think maybe it is just a social get together without a lot of punches being thrown.  Any way, I had eggs benedict and it was not hollandaise sauce for sure.  Not sure what it was but for sure the worst eggs benedict I have ever had.  I won't say where. 

When we got back to the park, our neighbours had left and Archie had a tough time figuring out what was different.  

I had been waiting for quite a while for an amazon delivery of my new top for the Jeep.  I want just a top with no sides or back.  Something to keep the sun off and maybe keep the seats dry if it rains a little at night.  Here is what I ordered a couple weeks ago.

And here is what arrived today.  It is even for a 4 door so it doesn't even come close to what I wanted.  

I had packed the soft top with us this time but it is so cumbersome to put up and down and flaps away in the breeze, but it thought to myself, maybe I can modify it to work while we are down here and I can get the proper one when I get home.  So I got busy and removed all the metal frame which was only for folding it up.  I just left one rod at the back so I could put a couple straps on it to hold it tight.  Now to remove it, I just unsnap it and roll it up behind the seat.  It works!!!

Mid afternoon the new friends that I spoke of arrived.  Kate and Derek are parked next to us now with their two young kids, a boy and a girl.  We didn't get to visit much yet because they were busy getting set up.  They have travelled over from the Baja and will spend a little time with us.  Welcome.

The second part of the Amazon package today contained a roll of LED lights that I will use to replace some of the ones that have failed in the kitchen area.  You can cut these strings to whatever length you desire and solder on a couple wires and you have light in whatever length you desire.  

Our kitchen was getting a bit dingy so I changed the overhead light and added under counter lighting which looks really nice, I think!!  We will have to wait until Sue gets home for the final approval!!!  By the time I finished it was almost 10 pm so I headed to bed.  Good Nite!!

Monday 30 January 2023

Just Another Day

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

The Carnival is coming to town and guess what?  It is on Susans Birthday so I can take her as a special treat!!  Lol  There will be a parade and maybe Kenia will want to go in it with the Jeep again.  We will see.

Not much happening today.  I went downtown for a street supper and visited the taco stand next to the plaza.  Here is an unappetizing picture of a really tasty beef taco.  All the veggies and sauces make them come alive.  

While I was there eating a guy went past on horseback so I got a picture.  Shortly after he came by again but this time he had a great big bag of feed for the horse balanced behind him.  I didn't get a picture of that though!!!  Silly me.

A little later I headed home via the beach.  Another gorgeous sunset.  Good Nite!!

Sunday 29 January 2023

Another Supper Out

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

This morning when I went down to the palapa there was a huge pile of rocks on the beach that had been washed up overnight.  I can not fathom how the water has this much power.  I'm going to say there was 10 cubic yards deposited overnight.

I was invited to abuela's for birria this morning.  It is like beef soup and they like to eat it for breakfast.  I kinda like it on a taco rather than in the soup.  It was delicious.

This afternoon everyone was going to meet for lunch about 3 pm somewhere.  I went downtown to the cafecito where Kenia and Oscar were meeting me.  Of course it was 3:45 when they showed up and we still had to drive to Los Ayala which is a 15 minute drive.  

While I was hanging around the Cafecito I took some time to check out the new menus Kenia just got.  In case you want to drop by when she is open this is what she has to offer.

Off we went to Los Ayala to Alex's on the beach.  Alex's restaurant is owned by a friend of the family who was at abuela's earlier this trip for a birthday party I think.  She has Rafial and Diago working with her and it was neat to watch them doing their jobs.  Diago helps in the kitchen and Rafial is a waiter and a pretty good one at that.  



First thing we had was some dried fish with some hot batter on them.  They were like minnows and still had heads and tails.  They were actually quite good but a little crunchy for me.

And then they brought out the main course.  A seafood platter fit for a king. What a great meal it was with shrimp, fish, ceviche, rice and salad.  I guess it makes sense to eat seafood if you are sitting at the beach instead of beef or pork!!

The whole family was there.  Kenia and I ate quickly because she was already late to open the Cafecito back in La Penita.  We were only about 15 minutes late in the end.

One thing the Mexicans like to do is burn things.  Now most everything is built with bricks, so there is not much fear of a fire getting away and burning your house down.  Joel, our gardener, piles all the cuttings along the lane outside our park, and he likes to light it up on a regular basis.  One thing he does not allow for is the wind and which way the smoke is going.  Tonight we got to smell the smoke all night long, because our MH is right beside the back street.  I will survive!!  Good Nite!

Saturday 28 January 2023

This is What a Bad Day in Mexico Looks Like

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

This morning Normand had his mechanic over to change out a part on his turbo air intake.  The thing is like an air filter but it has broken the seal along the top and it gives him a fault on his dash so he changed it.  It is an expensive item and Normand thinks maybe it will fail again before he sells the motorhome, so we welded the crack shut on the old one and he will keep it for a spare in case the new one ever fails.

My friend Rick would not approve of this weld job!!

Danny, Jackie and Miena headed out today to complete more of their trip to Belize.  They are just taking it slow on their way there and seeing all there is to see along the way.  Have a safe trip guys.  There is now a hole across from us again!!!

This is the crappiest day we have had since we got here to Mexico.  Now in saying that, it was 27c and it did rain about 7 1/2 drops during the day.  All that was different from every other day was lots of big puffy clouds around.  

Normand built Alla a nice little swing in the palapa for her to enjoy.  She was sure happy with it and I'm sure there will be lots of little people who will use it.

For supper I walked down to a little bar known as Hinde y Jamies (pronounce inde and hymies).  I met some friends there and we had a great supper of spaghetti and meat sauce.  It was funny because I actually had gone down town in search of that very thing.  I was so hungry that I forgot a picture, but I did take one of the Malicon which was busy already. 

I then headed over to Kenia's for a frappe for dessert.  She was freezing tonight and had her favourite Cj's hoodie on.  She was helping Oscar with some homework as well.   That was my day.  Good Nite.

Friday 27 January 2023

Nothing Like a Pool for Kids

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

I think the circus is coming to town!!!  On the way to Kenias today I saw this big tent down by abuela's casa.  There are a lot of trailers around and it looks a lot like a circus.  Apparently they have outlawed the wild animal acts now, so it would be trapeze stuff I would imagine.  I must keep my eye out for whats happening.

I was invited to Kenia's for a while because all of the kids were going there for a swim.  Kenia, Carol, Diago, Oscar, Danny and Donte were all there along with Anayele and abuela.  The kids sure had fun splashing each other.  I didn't go in because it is quite cold yet.

I went up on the roof top to take some pictures of the surrounding country side and also looking down on the pool.  I love the roof tops and could spend all day up there.

I headed for home about 3 and spent a little bit of time with Blair and Joanne on the beach.  It was quite a warm day today.  Good for the suntan.  A couple games this evening and off to bed!!  Good Nite!!