Saturday 28 January 2023

This is What a Bad Day in Mexico Looks Like

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

This morning Normand had his mechanic over to change out a part on his turbo air intake.  The thing is like an air filter but it has broken the seal along the top and it gives him a fault on his dash so he changed it.  It is an expensive item and Normand thinks maybe it will fail again before he sells the motorhome, so we welded the crack shut on the old one and he will keep it for a spare in case the new one ever fails.

My friend Rick would not approve of this weld job!!

Danny, Jackie and Miena headed out today to complete more of their trip to Belize.  They are just taking it slow on their way there and seeing all there is to see along the way.  Have a safe trip guys.  There is now a hole across from us again!!!

This is the crappiest day we have had since we got here to Mexico.  Now in saying that, it was 27c and it did rain about 7 1/2 drops during the day.  All that was different from every other day was lots of big puffy clouds around.  

Normand built Alla a nice little swing in the palapa for her to enjoy.  She was sure happy with it and I'm sure there will be lots of little people who will use it.

For supper I walked down to a little bar known as Hinde y Jamies (pronounce inde and hymies).  I met some friends there and we had a great supper of spaghetti and meat sauce.  It was funny because I actually had gone down town in search of that very thing.  I was so hungry that I forgot a picture, but I did take one of the Malicon which was busy already. 

I then headed over to Kenia's for a frappe for dessert.  She was freezing tonight and had her favourite Cj's hoodie on.  She was helping Oscar with some homework as well.   That was my day.  Good Nite.


  1. Some days are just like 7 1/2 drops of rain and I am betting you did not have an

  2. I’m curious how you figured it was a half a drop? Lol. It looks like a good day and the clouds just offered a different view of the beauty out your window.


  3. Looks beautiful there and relaxing. Enjoy the good times, rain or shine.


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