Monday 9 January 2023

Visit to the Hidden Beach

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today we went on a little journey up the road to what is known as the Hidden Beach.  Its a lovely little beach about 15 miles from here that is secluded and very quiet.  It is a nice place to just hang out for the day and relax.

kids were fishing up on the rocks.

Somebody made a nice wind chime sort of thing from rocks and feathers

We spent most of the day just chatting in the sun.  

Although there are no facilities there now, it seems at one time there was a bathroom with 4 toilets.  I'm not sure what was here years ago.

There are some interesting trees here as well.

Archie found a friend in a Mexican dog.  We have no idea where he came from but he hung around all afternoon.  The Mexican dogs are so well behaved.

That's about all we did today.  We didn't even witness a sunset!!!  We headed for home, had supper, watched TV and went to bed.  Good Nite!!


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