Thursday 26 January 2023

Out for Supper with Friends

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

I got a message from Kenia that her truck wouldn't start so she wanted me to come and maybe give it a boost.  When I went out to get in my Jeep I saw that one of the banana stems that had banana's on it had fallen down.  Apparently when the fruit is ready, that part of the tree dies and because the stems are sort of mushy, it doesn't take much for them to fall over.  Joel the gardener will be along to chop it all down and they are going to put the banana's out for everyone to share.

Kenia and Jose have decided to part ways for a while, so Kenia rented this lovely little duplex out by the Baha Market.  It is pretty much at the end of a bumpy dirt road up toward the mountain.  It is surrounded by a marsh and trees and all sorts of tropical stuff so the greenery is beautiful.

So I pulled up beside the truck to have a look and it seems like the battery is fine.  The lights all work and the gauges all come to life but there is nothing happening when you turn the key all the way.  Hmm I'm thinking this is something a little more electrical.  So I told Kenia to call her mechanic friend to come check it out. 

While I was there I took a little tour of the house to show you,  It is really cute and comes with a small swimming pool that she shares with the neighbour!!  It has a huge bathroom as well as one in the pool area so the house doesn't get all wet if you need the bathroom.  Archie checked out the pool water and approved.

A quick shop at the local grocery store on the way home.  I love all the things that you can buy that are bagged in the store.  Their sugar is to die for and is like a mix of white and brown sugar with a touch of molasses. 

Then it was supper time.  I got invited to join our Polish and Mexican friends for supper at Las Koritas.  Sergio had what he calls Moms shrimp.  It is jumbo shrimp with cheese stuffing wrapped in bacon.  Is your mouth watering yet?  And this is not the shrimp you buy in a shrimp ring, but big juicy yummy fresh shrimp.  Any way Magic, Kasia, Alla, Anna, and Juan  (name spellings are probably not even close!) were the perfect people to spend the evening with.  We all enjoyed our suppers to the max and no one left hungry.  We meet such a wide variety of people here and for these youngins to include me in their outing was special for me.  Thank you guys!!!

After supper I headed down the the Cafecito to check on Kenia.  She did not open tonight because the mechanics had her truck until just before I got there.  All her stuff is in the truck so she had nothing to work with.  She was not very happy about that and even less happy when she got the bill to fix the truck.  They fixed it Mexican style!!!  They showed me the starter and the drive was broke in half.  It must have hit a rock or something.  It didn't actually fail yet but would have very soon.  The problem she had was in the ignition wiring in the steering column and could have been very expensive.  So being an old truck they did what was best and installed a starter button.  It works like a charm and reminds me of my old 1949 Ford which had a starter button!   Including the starter and the button and all the labour it cost her 3500 peso's!   Actually quite cheap in Canadian repairs but for her it was a bit of hit.  But she needs the truck in her business so she paid the piper!!  Good Nite!!!

the button

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