Friday 6 January 2023

New Friends!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

The day was perfect.  Sunny and about 26C with a light breeze.  I bet your getting sick of hearing that.  I can hear my friend Irwin saying "Good combining weather!!"  He would get a late start every day because there is dew on the grass every morning.  

A little story today about some new arrivals in the park.  They are here for 3 days on their tour around the country and are parked right across from us.  A couple from Nova Scotia, and a couple from Washington as well as another young couple from Quebec that are hanging with them as well.  So we got to chatting and I don't know how it got around to it, but our friends Kevin and Ruth came up in the conversation. Kevin and Ruth are world travelers and do a wonderful travel blog. They are know to a lot of people all over.  Well low and behold the first 2 couples had spent some time caravanning with Kevin and Ruth and knew them quite well.  What a small world!!!   Now we had lots to talk about and we have enjoyed some time with them.  

A nice lazy day with not much happening and then a game of Skipbo to end the afternoon.  Normand and Suzanne are really catching on to this one.

Lots of dogs on the beach for the sunset tonight.  We generally let Archie go and romp with some of the dogs but today there were too many.  

It was a Tony Bahama kinda sunset today.  

After sunset, Sue and I walked downtown to Kenia's El Cafecito for supper.  Sue had the corn and I had frys.  Kenia knows how to make everything taste good.  Oscar was there as well helping out.

Then downtown we went to buy Sue some sandles for using around home going to the pool and back.  Then it was home and some TV and bed.  Good Nite!


  1. Nice to make new friends. Sue you are looking fantastic.


  2. Yes, we sure do know a lot of people around the world. Glad you met up with them!

  3. It is so much fun to meet and make new friends with like mind. Cool that some were Canadians too! It is a small world.
    What does Sue have in her hand? Or is that a plant on the table?
    Those fries look wonderful!!!

  4. Sounds like you and Sue are having a wonderful time. I am catching up. One quick comment about yesterday's post. It is always interesting how the news outlets slant a story depending on what we are suppose to hear. They know how to bend and spin the truth better then anyone.


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