Friday 13 January 2023

A Little Bit of This and That!!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

A little bit of shopping today.  Sometimes we take a jeep ride down to what is called the Bodega.  This store is like a mini mini Walmart lol or at least that is what we call it.  There are some things there that you have a tough time finding elsewhere.  We love the the bollo buns cause they are light and fluffy and often fresh out of the oven.  They have a bakery there.  Anyway we went and shopped there today.

Then on the way home we stopped by the pescaderia for some cameron and dorado.  We are having the dorado for supper tonight.  They just got a fresh shipment in and they are sitting on ice in the back.

When we got home, Archie was not too interested in doing anything, especially walking around.  After a close inspection we saw that he had ripped one of his toe nails while we were gone.  Poor guy, it must be hurting cause we can see the quick where it ripped in half.  We gave him some calming stuff and he seems a little more settled.  We will take him to the vet in the morning!!

The Mexicans next door got out their catamaran sometime in the last day or so.  I am interested to see them sail it.  Maybe I should see if they will sell it!!!  Not!!

We played Skipbo with Normand and Suzanne again tonight and had some great laughs.  The game is not that in depth so we all help each other out and laugh and giggle while doing it.

And of course sunset!!!   Good Nite!!


  1. Poor Archie. I like the little mini mini Walmart. Lol. Very cute. So set was pretty!


  2. Aaah, that looks so painful! Hope Archie is okay after the vet visit. ♥
    Beautiful sunset. Gayle sends us hers across the water too. Lovely!

  3. The Bodega Aurrera chain in Mexico is actually owned by Walmart.

  4. Hope Archie's problem can be fixed with little discomfort.
    Glad to read how you are enjoying Mexico.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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